Ghana Stock Exchange targets futures and options, dual London listings to deepen market

London options exchange

Messenger Relations between London and Brussels have been better. While Brexit dominates the headlines, another cross-channel development has recently captured the attention of financial institutions.

london options exchange

With a ruling due in October, the commission is likely to reject the deal in its current form. And why would the LSE sell the Italian stock exchange to quell these concerns? The answer lies in the fact that stock exchanges have transformed fundamentally over the last 25 years, as I demonstrated in a recent paper.

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This has largely gone unnoticed and public perception clings to an outdated understanding of what exchanges are. How exchanges changed Stock london options exchange are often still viewed as quasi-public marketplaces — icons embedded within nation states and crucial for national economic development.

london options exchange

But they have in fact become powerful global corporations which actively shape the development of capital markets around the world — with important implications for investors, companies and states. They usually monopolised trading in their area, and were physical trading locations, such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, pictured below. The traditional exchange: open out-cry trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

  • The bourse also aims to increase the number of exchange-traded funds, said Afedzie, who took over on January 1.
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  • Ghana Stock Exchange targets futures and options, dual London listings to deepen market
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Financial liberalisation reforms such as the EU Investment Services Directive created competition between exchanges. No longer monopolies but a marketplace for marketplacesthey were forced to modernise and become more efficient and customer-focused.

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Most demutualised and converted into listed companies. At the same time, they also became profit-driven companies.

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The shift towards globalisation also meant more cross-border financial integration. Alongside the growing competitive pressures, there were opportunities to scale up, acquire competitors and venture into new markets. From Chicago to Singapore, futures exchanges started buying stock exchanges and vice versa, plus trading venues for bonds, carbon emissions and commodities.

Finally, exchanges turned from physical trading locations into financial technology companies. Face-to-face interaction on trading floors was gradually superseded by electronic markets.

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The transformation of exchanges, Exchanges are now actively creating, regulating and shaping markets around the world. They control the very infrastructure of global finance - data, indices, financial products, trading platforms and clearing, essentially deciding how markets work for companies, investors and states.

These groups run the largest, most prestigious and profitable markets, and own the most important products, indices and technological know-how. LSE is now a central node in global and, importantly, European capital markets.

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It owns FTSE Russell, one of the leading index providers that steer investments by deciding which companies and countries are included in the indices tracked by global investors - essentially acting as a gatekeeper for global finance. Clearing houses act as middle men or central counterparties between buyers and sellers in trades to transfer money and assets back london options exchange forth and act as guarantors for each transaction.

london options exchange

They require investors to put up collateral, whereby clearing houses basically decide which assets they deem safe enough to back financial transactions. LSE also owns several European trading platforms for stocks, bonds, derivatives and exchange-traded funds — including Borsa Italiana and with it the MTS platform.

london options exchange

Refinitiv previously the london options exchange unit of Thomson Reuters owns Tradeweb, an even larger bond-trading platform. But what this episode demonstrates is that as crucial building blocks of global finance, exchanges have become important counterparts to states.

What they own and what decisions they make have become matters of international political importance — and has added an extra layer internet investment money complexity for governments trying to set the rules for global finance.

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