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Save Values Load Values Stock Options allow investors the right to buy or sell a stock at a certain price. Although they are the most risky investment vehicles available, with the potential to lose all of your capital, they can provide great returns on small investments. An option to buy a stock at a certain price is a "call", while an option to sell a stock at a certain price is a "put". The specified price is the "strike price". Options expire on the every Friday of each week.

Building the perfect strategy is now possible. Whether you have already entered a position or are planning your trades for the next day, Options Profit Calculator makes computing option prices at any underlying price quick and easy.

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From beginner options traders who are just starting out to professionals with years of experience, Options Profit Calculator can options calculation site convenience to your trading workflow.

You have complete control over the implied volatility, trade price, and quantity of contracts so that you can tailor any trade to your portfolio and predictions.

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Want a more detailed breakdown of how the net gain was calculated? Just click on any outcome and get the exact math simplified line by line.

Options Profit Calculator

I created Options Profit Calculator out of pure need for a comprehensible and uncomplicated way to build options calculation site strategies on the go. I am not a company, brokerage, or investment firm -- I am a trader, just like you.

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Save 1 of 0 Using an options profit calculator can be a major benefit for any investor. It can help you determine the value of your portfolio in today's ever evolving market and provides a simplified way to view the profit or loss of your stock options strategy. To become more familiar with stock options and how to use this calculator to predict your investment risk, check out our FAQ below.

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The speed of the ticker tape has been increased to be twice as fast. You now have the option to export strategies as either a. Ratings and Reviews.