10 File Sharing Websites that Pay for Downloads

Make money on files on the Internet, Top 5 website To Earn Money By Uploading File

Earning on file hostings in 50 I guess that every Internet user has ever downloaded files from file hostings such as DepositfilesRapidshareHotfileLetitbitUploadingSharingmatrixOron and others. Many of users even know that on file hostings they can earn money. Some people even know that earnings can be quite big and impressive. But, thought about money making with file hostings comes to the mind of people very rarely.

Though such thought may make money on files on the Internet in your head and it is even possible that you are registered in some of these file hostings, and even uploaded some files and posted links on them to forums. If more of this matter is not matter, then your earnings slightly different from zero.

There are such internet services called file hostings, which pay money for downloading the files that you uploaded on their servers. Suppose, you have an interesting file.

You upload it to the server of file hosting and get a link to it, then post this link to various web-pages such as forums, news pages, XXX pages, warez pages, your own pages, blogs.


People download your file and you receive per thousand downloads a certain sum of money, ranging from 5 to dollars, depending on the quality of traffic and the conditions under which you are working with file hosting.

This money you can order like a payout to your purse in WebMoney, PayPal, Epassporte without any additional charges. Why file hostings pay you? You probably think why the owners of file hostings pay you such a big money? In fact, they give you only a tiny part of their earnings. The files, uploaded by you, people download, but they download them not on direct links, during of the downloading process they have to view advertising, or to escape this they need to buy Gold or Premium accounts the privileged conditions for downloading from these servers.

People or advertisers pay to file hostings, and they share with newsmakers, posters or webmasters — with you, thanking you in such way for sharing your links on the files and bringing visitors to this file hosting for downloading files and viewing of advertising.


What is the most real binary option other words, you work like a promoter for file hostings.

I recommend you try for money-making some file hostings. All hostings official registered, reliable and regularly pay. It makes sense to sign up immediately at all, but when you start to post news with your links for downloading you may write links or mirrors only to the file hostings, depending on the requirements admins of the site, the size of your file, the target audience, the minimum payment.

For example, Letitbit does not pay for downloads of files smaller than 5 Mb.

Top 10 Best PPD Websites To Earn Money Online

After working with them a couple of months, you can choose which of these file the best ways to make money fast and in what combination would be a priority for you.

By the way, I have an intensive bonus for my referrals.

make money on files on the Internet

If you read this article till the end you can know what in this referral bonus. Now look at the process of this kind of earning!!! Where you may take the interesting file?

Top 5 website To Earn Money By Uploading File

If you do not have anything interesting at your computer, go to any file portal or torrent, choose recent published files, download, upload them on your file hostings and post your links on other file portals, your sites or different forums.

Where may I get a description of the file and the screenshot? Turn on your brains, I think the difficulties should not appear. How to upload a file to file hosting? I offer to register make money on files on the Internet several file hostings which will pay you, and on RapidShare you do not get money from it, but many files portals require this file hosting.

You need to register on several file hostings because of most file portals which require the presence of several mirrors links do not forget about it, otherwise admin removes your posts and you can even banned.

Recent Posts —

Then register on image hosting — the server, allowing you to store your pictures and screenshots on it, it will overwhelm the picture. This is a very important moment when you post news, non-observance of which admins remove your posts.

A company called UpLoading will pay you whenever someone downloads one of your files. Simply follow several steps and you will soon begin to derive income from your online creativity in your spare time. Create some files you would like to share and have people download. These can be anything from desktop wallpaper you created to maybe an eBook you have written. Create an UpLoading account see Resources.

By the way, on Letitbit, SharingMatrix, Hotfile, Depositfiles and Rapidshare you can use remote upload of your files, saving your time and traffic. How to publish links on your file on portals that enable you to place your posts? This is the most difficult step, I guess. Here let begin the real work: — First, you need to post news on popular web sites, as well as the more visitors these sites have, the more likely it is that your posts work on downloading your files.

But if the web site is more popular, so it has the higher requirements for content and design news. Examples of designing the news there are almost typical on all sites, and the majority of them use the same engine, so having written the make money on files on the Internet for one site, you can simply copy it to others. A brief list of such web sites in RuNet can be viewed here.

Register and go ahead — to master the profession of journalist. After publishing several posts on many web sites, make the analysis, from what sites were the biggest number of downloads on your links. In the end, leave the most popular sites for work and publish your news on them.

The most upload quality is upto 2GB.

But experience shows that its effectiveness is not very high. Popular web sites are protected from automatic posting, and posting on web sites with the attendance of 10 people a day you have not a lot of earnings. In any case, the choice is always yours — spend 1, hours a day, posting news manually, or run automatic posting and go about your business.

I propose to begin to take for start web sites RuNet base. In the future, you leave for yourself from the base the most popular sites or updated it with new sites.

make money on files on the Internet

With this forums base you can easily increase your earnings in times. By the way, let me give a couple of tips for beginners: 1 Do not use from the beginning software for automatic posting.

The Ultimate Guides to Making Money Online

Try to post manually. Create a file in Excel, in which you can count posted news, base of web sites, your earnings from different kinds of files and feedback from your posting. After posting of your news on web site go in days to web sites from your base, check which sites published your news normally or removed it, analyze the level of interest to your files number of hits and downloads from the each web siteenter the statistics in your file.

After a couple of weeks and posting of news, you can do for yourself a conclusion on what sites and what the best way to post your files for download.

make money on files on the Internet

Simply understand, administrators of web sites viewing such activity usually removed such news and such large-scale beginning posters. This is the standard error that beginners do. People expect from the first days of work getting big money.

make money on files on the Internet

From my personal experience I would say that my first couple of cents appeared on my account in file hosting only on the fifth day of the start of my work. Working so at least a month and having experience in the design and posting of news with your links, you can already direct your view on the special software or think about increasing downloads via creating your web site with your links. And, finally, let count what you can earn on file hostings?

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In one day, without overworking, you can publish about news with your links on files. From the beginning, of course, during the first months your money earning will grow gradually from cents per day to about dollars per day.

Like with any business you must at least make some effort to start.

Earn Money by Uploading Your Files on Internet Latest 2020 Legit 100%

Repeat again, make money on files on the Internet the beginning you should define your purpose, if you want to earn dollars a month to cover costs on the Internet or you want to create a huge income of dollars a month? Accordingly, your efforts will vary.

Earning on file hostings in 2020

To increase the income you need to increase volumes of uploading and posting. Do not forget that fortune favors the brave and clever!

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Try it! Remember, that in addition to your luck you need a little to work! I hope these articles will be useful for you too:.

make money on files on the Internet