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How to write a robot for a web trading platform

How to Build an Algorithmic Trading Bot with Python

However, a successful strategy requires an adequate level of profitability and risk management. To develop such a strategy a trader will need to put a lot how to write a robot for a web trading platform work and time. We live in times when technologies substitute human efforts making tiresome how to write a robot for a web trading platform automated. And the trading industry is no exception. Automated trading software has become a big hit for traders in recent years.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Building a Trading Bot In Any Programming Language

Imagine the trading that usually takes a lot of time and energy, is turning into an enjoyable activity. The automated trading software makes it easily achievable. How to find the perfect system? What are the benefits and pitfalls of such kind of trading? In this article, we will try to puzzle out these questions since Fintatech team itself develops automated trading software for customers who feel like implementing such systems on their customized platforms. The Story Behind Algorithmic Trading.

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Oddly enough, but initially trading robots were created to automate the execution of big entries rather than to get profit. Originally, such algorithms were used by investment and mutual funds, banks and institutional investors who simply could not accept extra risks in handling large sums of money.

Organizations used to contact specific companies for opening orders.

Building robots for trading. What should a beginner know?

Since working with intermediaries was very uncomfortable, programmers developed automatic engines for opening trading deals. And poof! The complex orders execution had become much handier.

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Despite the high fees for how to earn 1 bitcoin for sure such engines compared to broker services, it was rewarding. As the industry was growing, there were created special programs for trading known today as trading robots. Their core task is to open and close trades or give a signal to make a trade based on preset trading system rules. This empowers traders to manage risks and keep at bay financial losses.

Such robots are called Expert Advisors. Independent advisors — robots that replace a trader completely — they open and close positions themselves based on underlaid algorithms. There are also Scripting helpers that allow traders to set several positions in a single click or automatically place take-profit and stop-loss orders. What is so Special about Automated Trading?

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These programs go in the form of already familiar to us virtual robots or Expert Advisors. AT systems allow market players to manage trade account in real time by setting up certain rules both for entries and exits.

Such rules can be built on simple conditions like Parabolic Stop and Reverse SAR indicator or on more tricky strategies. However, for implementing sophisticated strategies one will need to have a deep understanding of the programming language peculiar to the trading platform. In a nutshell, AT is designed to help traders to boost their performance and get rid of hesitation, anxiety and other destructive emotions affecting decision-making.

EAs can undertake multiple operations in seconds while shaky traders may think over certain action for hours.

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Now, we defined what Automated trading is, but how exactly does it work? For example, the well-known platforms like MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 use MQL programming language to introduce automation and NinjaTrader uses own ninjascript programming language. By the way, clients of Fintatech trading platform use native developed Fintascript programming language, based on C syntaxis that is very easy to use for automatization and backtesting. So, how actually does AT work? Then, you follow the received instructions and install the trading robot on the terminal.

EA tracks the market situation by specified parameters. Following the embedded strategy, it submits an application to your broker for making a transaction.

Automated Trading Software: Scripting your Way to Success

Broker accepts the entry. Some brokers may intentionally hold positions, while the others execute them automatically The operations can be widely different, for example — request for the availability of funds, or opening positions and its further monitoring. The trading robot can continually perform various operations during any period of time.

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Due to the trading system set rules, the EA analyses each financial instrument and decides whether a transaction should be conducted.

Pros of Automated Trading So now we are aware of what is Expert Advisor, of its types and how it can be employed, but what are the main benefits of the technology? Elimination of human emotions. Robotic trading systems save the process from human negative emotions.

This lets market players stand by plan and not hesitate about trading since orders executed automatically right after the preset rules have been met. Plus, it could prevent overtrading, like buying and selling at every supposed opportunity. Maintaining discipline and consistency.

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Sometimes it feels like to be on the anxious seat because of fear to take a loss or to gain more profit from a trade. It may be that after 2 or 3 losses in a row, a market player would pass the next trade that could be a winning one.

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With automated trading systems, the process will be followed strictly according to the plan with the discipline and consistency retained. Higher order entry speed. Under changing market conditions once trade criteria are met, automatic systems instantaneously generate orders including protective stop-losses and profit targets.

How to Build a Stock Trading Bot from Scratch

Makes trading diversified. An AT platform provides with the possibility to trade with numerous accounts as well as to use different strategies at once. Thereby, a trader can distribute risk over several instruments while hedging. Ability to backtest.

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