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Subconscious trading


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    In our last postI talked about the incredible power of having a mindset of gratitude, and how it can greatly help your trading. A perceptive reader, aptly called Attitude Subconscious trading, mentioned that gratitude was the most important part of his daily routine.

    Now the question I have is, which word in that sentence do you think is the most important one? The Unconscious Always Wins The reason for this is that we all have a great deal of subconscious trading programming.

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    In those instances when we feel pressure, our old programming- that was still sitting there beneath the surface- gets re-triggered and we completely forget the new mindset we just learned. How often has this happened to you? And the way to stop it from repeating is by reprogramming your unconscious mind.

    Innumerable times. To the uninitiated, it seems to be an over-rated probably abused word. We will not focus on those items in this blogpost. To all the readers reading this post, have you ever faced any of the following issues?

    And your unconscious mind is much more powerful than your conscious mind. Reprogramming For Trading Success So how do we reprogram the unconscious mind?

    All of our choices on what to trade, calculating risk, or doing our price action analysis is done via the conscious mind. And herein lies the great twist and irony.

    Well, we subconscious trading to go back to that important word mentioned at the start of the post. We need to deliberately practice a daily routine. And when you become subconscious trading of your negative thought patterns like that, you take them from the unconscious to the conscious part of your mind, where they can no longer run the show on automatic. With time, this continuous awareness will itself assist in the reprogramming of your mind, adding to the deliberate practice you do in your daily routine.

    By Brian J.

    But just how much time is needed to really ingrain something into your unconscious so it becomes the natural way to think? At the very least, you should deliberately practice a mental routine for example one on subconscious trading deep gratitude every day for 30 — 60 days.

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    The more focus and feelings you put into your practice, the more rapid and the deeper the effect. Even 5 focused minutes a day can be enough to gradually reprogram your mind. And if you want trading success bad enough, that should be a very small price to pay.

    1. Your subconscious mind loves a habit.
    2. Likes Quote from Steve Tvardek: I have recently become very interested in the subconscious mind and its ability to become altered to help traders break through barriers in trading.