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Fortunately, there are several few ways to monetize anything. And they can be mixed and matched to meet your needs and your revenue goals.

Some work better for mobile apps and some work better for desktop, while some work just as well for both.

Top 5 Ways to Make Money with Software

Freemium The freemium model of advertising is one of the most common forms of monetization. Users that want access to extra features must pay to access those features. Games use this quite frequently and very successfully.

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Gamers who want certain power-ups, for example, may purchase those extras for real money. This allows developers to distribute software for free, which vastly increases the number of downloads. But developers still make money in the process.

Find Out! There are so many money making programs and ideas on the internet today that this section is dedicated to giving your honest reviews and profiles of companies that declare they can make you money. Not all programs are endorsed — if they are — I give you my personal experience with it and typically share proof of earnings.

Ads are placed inside apps, either on a piece of the screen real estate or between screens interstitial ads. These ads earn income per thousand views or per click. Revenue then varies based on the ad network, the type of ad being displayed, the audience, and so forth.

This monetization method is second in popularity to the freemium model. And these two methods are sometimes combined: users can pay to remove ads, for instance.

To earn money with in-app or in-software advertising, you need a lot of users for your app.

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A larger percentage of users end up converting on advertisements than on freemium upgrades, but the revenue per conversion is less. Also, if your company already has a reputation and a solid following, you may be able to charge for a piece of software or an app.

Game sequels or high-quality products are examples of software programs that may benefit from this approach.

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There are also options for mobile developers. To monetize with a pay-per-install program, you integrate your programs that make money with a smart installer.

Analytics give you a degree view of downloads, conversions, and more.

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Developers can design software and apps around affiliate deals. This can be one of the programs that make money lucrative ways to make money as a binary option an app or software program.

But it can also be challenging and limiting.

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Travel apps and websites are good examples of programs that use affiliate marketing to earn money. A language-learning app or video game may be better suited to in-app advertising or a freemium model.

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These are the top five monetization models, though there are other creative methods of earning revenue, such as selling analytics or code. Subscription models, when implemented properly, can also be a lucrative method of earning revenue.

The major benefit of all these models is that they operate relatively independently.

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Once you have an app up and running, you only need to tweak your monetization program and update your app from time to time. Search for:.

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