The Second Worst Statistic In Options Trading

Option statistics


    Identifies the exchange s that are posting option statistics best bid price on the options contract. Model The option model price is calculated using the underlying price, the interest rate, dividends and other data using the Model Navigator.

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    Ask Exch Identifies the exchange s posting the best ask price on the options option statistics. Historical Vol Displays the day historical volatility for an option.

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    Right-click the field header to toggle between Daily or Annual, Opt Implied Vol A prediction of how volatile an underlying will be in the future. The IB day volatility is the at-market volatility estimated for a maturity thirty calendar days forward of the current trading day, and is based on option prices from two consecutive expiration months. Opt Open Interest Charts the total number of options option statistics were not closed.

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    Opt Volume The total number of contracts traded over a specified time period. Vol Change Change in volatility from the previous day's close.

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    Opt Volume Change Change in option volume from the previous day's close. Open Interest Change Change in open interest from the previous day's close.

    To display the OptionTrader Statistics panel Click the "s" icons in the toggle panel located in the top right corner of the OptionTrader.

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