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In this article, we will cover ten legitimate sites like Fiverr for you to find more freelance work, and weigh out the pros and cons for each. With the vast number of freelance job sites to gain work from, we are confident that these 10 Fiverr alternatives are some of the best choices on the internet today.

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Enter your work email below and we'll send you 10 fresh freelance job leads from the last 48 hours along with some of our best content to help you get the jobs you deserve. FlexJobs FlexJobs makes it easy to find a freelancing gig that you need.

10 Fiverr Alternatives to Make More Money as a Freelancer

They offer tons of reliable job opportunities, the real gigs that can assure you that your skills are worth it. FlexJobs can set you free from those problems. They will make your gig search experience safer than other Fiverr alternatives.

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Pros FlexJobs is the best site for finding great, hand-screened, professional, and trusted part-time jobs. There are 5, companies using FlexJob services with 29, jobs available for gig seekers. Since they are hand-screened, you have a huge opportunity to find the best-quality jobs with easier steps.

There are about 50 gig categories available for lke where to make money on the internet, from freelance to full-time, local to global, anything you need, and you can find what fits your career lke where to make money on the internet.

Cons Quality comes at a good price.

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Different from other sites like Fiverr that provide free services, FlexJobs is not free. SolidGigs If you value your time more than anything, SolidGigs might be a good choice.

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These jobs are hand-picked by the SolidGigs team and fellow freelancers. SolidGigs also has over courses, videos, lessons, tools, templates, and other resources to help you improve your skills and up level your freelance career. Pros Daily job alert will save a lot of your time. Aside from the job listings, SolidGigs also helps you improve your skills with various kinds of learning materials.

Upwork Similar to Fiverr, Upwork is one of the largest marketplaces for freelancers online. You can browse their profiles and work then select the exact expert that you are interested in. In Upwork, you can also get your own virtual workspace for teamwork, and all payments are securely handled by the Upwork team to prevent potential scams. Pros This freelancing platform has a wide range of gigs.

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You can find hundreds of job categories from social media management to web design and more. Upwork has an extensive reach that allows you to access a large pool of clients. You can also get a full-time contract if your client is satisfied with your job.

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Cons The processing cost is more profitable for the Upwork team. Sometimes it is hard to get work since you have to build your own network by getting a large amount of positive reviews.

Freelancer Our fourth on the list of sites like Fiverr is Freelancer.

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  2. 10 Fiverr Alternatives to Make More Money as a Freelancer
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This platform has over 29 million users and counting. You can find thousands of job categories such as copywriting, translation, web development, graphic design, and more. They guarantee that you will find the right job that suits your interest. Pros Job availability is almost unlimited, meaning that there are a lot of opportunities for you to take.

For freelancers, you can set your working time to create flexibility. You can take a screenshot of your valid working hours as proof to your employer.

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While freelancers have control of when they can work, some projects may need more time to be completed than the set time in the project description. This freelancing platform is worth a shot because all the freelancers have to pass a quality check first.

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Indeed, the more qualified you are, the more money you can make. PeoplePerHour helps you find jobs mostly in the area of design, content creation, and promotion. This platform is specially designed for employers who want to pay their freelancer partner hourly.

So, it is transparent for both sides. While other freelance marketplaces are not budget-friendly, world trade news platform is different.

Employers and freelancers can reduce their operation cost significantly.

Cons Apart from its pros, sometimes, the user interface can be a bit clunky. Guru Guru is a user-friendly platform which can help you find the best gig based on your needs. So no wonder why it has become one of the best Fiverr alternatives today, especially in the U.

Pros This platform is useful for small companies when one person can do the entire task. It will actually prevent any hassle leading to a faster closing rate for the project.

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The messaging service is available in a browser, on Windows, and also Android, so freelancers can communicate with their clients easily. Cons 7. FreeUp FreeUp is a top-notch site like Fiverr for finding work. From advertising, web design, graphic design, e-commerce and amazon specialists, they cover several work fields for freelancers of all kind.

lke where to make money on the internet

Pros Free to apply and sign up! You get automatically paid every week Excellent reviews.