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    Whether or not you like Jack Bauer, you need to know about this Quick review about audio sampling frequency Here are some common audio sampling frequencies: As indicated above, I really hope 48 kHz soon becomes the standard for audiobook production too, as long as ACX.

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    But what do those numbers actually mean? They mean that with With 48 kHz production, 48, samples are made per second.

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    With 96 kHz production, 96, 24 bit option are made per second. Whether expressed in the thousands of Hertz Hz or as kHz, recognition is given to Heinrich Rudolf Hertz —the German physicist and the first person to provide conclusive proof of the existence of electromagnetic waves.

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    • Ostermilk wrote: mbfrancis wrote: I've looked in the manual and in the preferences and there's nowhere to set this in Reason.

    Audio resolution, measured in bits Audio resolution is measured in bits, not in Hz, Herz, or kHz. This audio resolution is sometimes expressed as bit depth.

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    As you may recall from one of my prior articles, an LCD video monitor with a true bit bit panel offers up to 1, colors, while an LCD video monitor with an 8-bit bit LCD video monitor offers only up to 16, colors.

    Similarly, bit audio can record 16, discreet values for loudness levels or a dynamic range of dBversus bit audio which can represent 65, discrete values for the loudness levels or a dynamic range of 96 dB.

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    Which distribution formats accept bit audio versus bit audio? SoundCloud will accept bit or other bit depths audio files with no problem, and leave them intact for download. There are also rumors of bit audio coming soon to iTunes.

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    But even if you are currently distributing your final content in a way that only supports lower resolution audio, there are still advantages to producing in bit, as explained ahead. How can bit audio production help if we often only deliver a lower resolution?

    When we readjust audio levels in post production, there will be more latitude with less probability of artifacts, as long as our editing software supports it.

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    Although recording bit audio definitely produces heavier files, they are nothing compared to the weight of our video files. Rob makes that recommendation since some 24 bit option i.

    This new loudness measurement in LUFS something I am going to cover in an upcoming article about a new audio editing app that I am currently evaluating.