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While not all trades on index options are used to hedge, the diversified index options are of index options are underlying index options makes them an appealing resource for portfolio management. In general, indices have more stability in price movements and their natural diversification lowers the burden on analysts to anticipate pricing. Instead of hedging every individual stock and tracking the positions in a large portfolio, portfolio managers can hedge large groups of securities with one instrument and prioritize new profit-driving positions over risk-reduction positions.

Growth and Popularity of Index Options

Index options are also more liquid than their equity-based counterparts, making a position with them less exposed to the risk of slippage. Managing a comparable portfolio of equity options, traded at lower volumes, increases the risk of price fluctuation during trade execution. In combination, the value of indices—diversification—and the value of options—hedging against risk of underlying assets—make index options a strong tool for simplifying portfolio management and refocusing research and analysis on profit-driving opportunities.

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Using Index Options to Enter Global Markets Another method for diversification and identifying new profit centers is expanding outside of US markets—particularly into high-growth emerging markets. However, the risk of emerging markets is always a consideration; so, index options provide a way to hedge a globalized portfolio.

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While thoughtful consideration in taking a position is always encouraged, index options reduce the burden of developing global market expertise.

Since index options are less impacted by changes within a specific company or industry, traders can access markets without firm-specific expert knowledge. With index options, traders can effectively enter markets in foreign countries, track larger market trends, and globalize their portfolios.

Difference 1: Multiple underlying stocks vs. a single underlying stock

Reducing Transaction Costs and Tax Liabilities Beyond the trading and portfolio advantages, index options also offer opportunities to reduce costs index options are undermine profitability. The transaction costs of closing a position resulting from assignment are no longer required with European-settled index options.

At contract expiration, shares of the SPY ETF are assigned to a buyer who would need to sell those shares to realize profit. However, an SPX options trader receives the net cash value, saving the additional transaction.

  • Dividends paid by the component securities Underlying Instrument The underlying instrument of an equity option is a number of shares of a specific stock, usually shares.
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The result is a lower overall tax rate compared to security-based options. However, all tax-based strategic changes should be confirmed with tax experts to ensure their applicability to the situations of each firm. In practice, OPRA outputs a substantial quote volume which the market data costs for bandwidth, servers, and data normalization scale to.

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Instead of the gigabit network capacity required to handle the load of OPRA market data, a firm trading index options could trade with a gigabit network through a subscription-based market data solution. With a gig capacity, traders can access the short list of symbols they need to trade effectively and build a more cost-efficient trading infrastructure. The benefits of trading index options are evident and explain why volume has increased domestically and globally.

Beyond a straightforward hedging strategy, index options present financial benefits that ease profitability, particularly while other asset classes drive expenses higher.