Turbo-Charge Bullish Investment Strategies with Leveraged ETFs

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    Leveraged ETFs as the name clearly indicates seek to amplify returns by using leverage. Leverage means either using margin or options combinations. The leverage factor may be double or triple the intended move of the underlying security. Due to market fluctuations, getting the exact leverage percentage gain is almost impossible.

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    The ETF seeks the stated gain on a daily basis, not an annualized return. Here, risk versus reward is a brutal way of life.

    A double-long ETF is seeking to double the potential move of the security or investment asset in question. In other words, if the security or investment is going up, say, 5 percent, then the ultra-long or double-long will seek to go up 10 percent.

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    To achieve this, margin credit would be used. That ETF will likely have 50 percent direct ownership in that particular investment and would use margin debt to pick up the other 50 percent.

    Instead of a 50 percent gain, the ETF realized a percent gain.

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    Bearish option strategies will also be used. With a bullish perspective, leveraged ETFs are most comparable to call options.

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    Options have a finite shelf life; they can expire worthless. When compared to call options, the leveraged ETF is a safer choice. As a certified financial planner, he personally coaches his clients on stock investing strategies.

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