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User Reviews Review 24Option began its journey in the now-defunct binary options market. Briefly, the binary options market was notorious for fraud and scams, which prompted global regulators to clamp down on the marketing of binary options. Regulators voided operating licenses, and eventually put an end to this dubious sector.

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The company has voluntarily renounced its Cypriot license, which took effect on August 20, ; the broker caters to international clients from Belize. It would be imprudent to state with any certainty whether or not 24Option has left the binary options industry practices in the past; however, appearances suggest that some ill-advised and questionable practices remain intact.

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Richfield Capital Limited, and the 24Option international website, the only one operational, does not dedicate a section to security and regulation. While the IFSC maintains a business-friendly light regulatory touch, trustworthy brokers usually combine this with a membership of the Hong Kong-based Financial Commission, which complements the existing regulation with security features for traders.

Richfield Capital Limited became the sole operator of 24Option, as noted on the 24Option website.

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The website of Richfield Capital Limited confirms ownership. Back to Top Fees 24Option is vague about trading costs and fails to outline them properly.

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Only high spreads are visible, while the FAQ section does make note of swap rates on overnight leveraged positioned. The terms of conditions consist of just three pages with no mention of the cost structure. It is a clear statement towards draining capital from traders and pressing for enhanced activity at this market maker, which profits directly from losses of its clients.

The lack of complete transparency for a core trading element, and the absence of a dedicated section detailing all costs, is unacceptable.

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MT4 traders can easily access swap rates from their platform by following these steps: 1. Right-click on the desired symbol in the Market Watch window and select Symbols.

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Select the desired currency and then click on Properties located on the right side. Scroll down until you see Swap Long and Swap Short. Back to Top What Can I Trade The lack of transparency and proper introduction to core elements of the trading environment continues with asset selection.

The number of tradable reviews about binary options 24option is not displayed, but the webtrader is accessible without a login, where the complete asset list is available. This approach adds to the unacceptable presentation dominant throughout 24Option.

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It is regrettable, as the overall asset selection is adequate for retail traders with good cross-asset diversification possibilities. While 24Option has a competitive asset selection, it fails to introduce it accurately.

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Back to Top Account Types The account structure at 24Option is a reminder of the binary options industry and is indicative of this broker's failure to understand the needs of traders at different levels. Due to unacceptable trading conditions, this broker lacks the capabilities to serve portfolios of those sizes properly, rendering the overall current account structure ineffectual. Back to Top Trading Platforms Traders may select between the core MT4 trading platform or the 24Option webtrader, which is the same one this broker used for binary options trading.

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This broker fails to properly introduce MT4, which is reduced to a single paragraph on the homepage, and there is no introduction for the webtrader at all.

MT4 supports automated trading, but 24Option fails to provide any of the required third-party add-ons needed to unlock its full potential.

The webtrader serves manual traders only, but navigation through the chart options is not user-friendly.

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It features a sentiment indicator and an enhanced order ticker as compared to MT4. Neither trading platform, as offered by 24Option, grants access to a competitive solution.

24Option Review

This broker fails to introduce its webtrader, on which it built its now-defunct binary options business. Back to Top Unique Features 24Option maintains no unique features, but the consistent lack of transparency and missing introduction of core trading elements are noteworthy.

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Back to Top Research and Education 24Option does not generate in-house research but delivers them via a partnership with Trading Central, accessible from the webtrader. It is an acceptable solution to grant traders brief trading ideas from an established source. Education consists primarily of short videos, where quantity trumps quality, and a series of eBooks, which can be read by clients only.

24option Review

Live webinars, hosted daily, require an account, and so does the market news section. Requiring registration to access the research and educational contents is a misguided marketing tactic and failed opportunity. Trading Central substitutes for reviews about binary options 24option missing in-house research at 24Option. Short educational videos focus on quantity rather than quality. Existing clients may register for live webinars.

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Everything at 24Option requires registration, an ill-advised marketing approach. Back to Top Customer Support A dedicated customer support section is missing, together with operating hours. Pressing Contact US, located at the bottom of the homepage, merely opens a live chat client.

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The call button results in no action, and the FAQ section offers only brief and often opaque answers. This broker's approach to customer service joins a growing list of unacceptable practices by 24Option. Asking clients to trade 20, times the bonus amount within 90 days before unlocking it as a withdrawal incentive reviews about binary options 24option another binary options leftover, pressuring more trading activity. After 90 days, 24Option cancels the bonus.

What 24Option is Great At Education 24Option has a well-rounded offer of high-quality educational resources. You can find everything you want to know about their trading platform from the website. There are free webinars as well as those you can only get as a member of 24Option.

It is best to avoid this trap set by this broker and dismiss it as another counter-productive service. Terms and Conditions of the current deposit promotion.

Regulation and Security

Back to Top Opening an Account The online application asks only for a full name, e-mail address, and phone number. Traders generally complete this step by submitting a copy of their ID and one proof of residency document. Given the lack of transparency by 24Option, potential clients should approach this broker with caution. Back to Top Deposits and Withdrawals 24Option extends its opaque presentation to deposits and withdrawals.

In order to obtain fees associated with a financial transaction, traders first need to navigate to the legal section, then follow a link to Richfield Capital Limited. The FAQ section does not provide relevant information, and a dedicated category is missing.

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The home page lists icons of numerous other e-wallet providers, generally restricted and based on geographical location. Withdrawal processing times are within 24 hours, but it may take up to five business days to receive funds. While 24Option does not mention deposit fees, withdrawal fees remain elevated.

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