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Buy investments online, Best Online Stock Brokers for Beginners for January 2021

Before investing check the FCA register and warning list.

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Are you intending to buy individual shares? You need to use a stockbroker, the cheapest do tend to be online although the cheapest may not necessarily mean better.

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You can find out about buy investments online types of service and search for a provider by: Using the Investors Chronicle stockbroker comparison tool and table Are you looking at investment funds? Use the Investment Association website to find out more about the types of funds available and where to go for more information.

  • Who we compare What is a share?
  • Read on to find out about the different ways you can buy shares.

To compare these and other types of funds in more detail, you could look at specialist sites, such as Trustnet and Morningstar.

Decide how you want to buy — for example, going direct to the provider, through a fund supermarket or through a broker.

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Follow the link below to check out your options. Read the keyfacts or key investor information document for the investment before you buy.

What is online stock trading?

If there is anything you do not understand, contact the provider for further details. Check what fees and charges you will have to pay.

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Charges for the same product might vary according to how you buy or which broker you choose. So buy investments online the cost of buying through different routes and firms.

Read our guide on Understanding investment fees Check how you will be able to manage and keep track of your investment.

Before you buy

For example, will you be sent regular statements? Will you have an online account? How will you and the provider normally communicate — by email, online, phone, post?

Direct from a life insurance company Through a financial adviser, bank or building society If you are looking for an annuity read our guide How to shop around for an annuity Using online stock broking services, fund supermarkets and other online platforms If you are buying shares and similar investments direct, you need to use a stock broking service. A few firms still have branches and most high street banks have a share dealing service.

Get more informed about investing Be suspicious if an investment seems too good to be true. They might want you to take a quick decision without time to consider whether the product is right for you.

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Or they might pressure you to buy a different type of product to the one you wanted, or invest more than you intended. Or, consider seeking financial advice.

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You will probably have to provide evidence of your identity and address - even if you have bought online or by phone, you might need to do this by post or in person at a local branch. Carefully read the documents you get confirming your investment.

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Are the details correct? Check you have a cooling-off period. If you do have a cooling-off period, this is a chance to reconsider your investment and change your mind if you want to.

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