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The area was originally known as Mercer Vale, after a nearby pastoral run, but the popularity of the hotel rendered the original name redundant. Beveridge is split between 2 municipalities, with the township and western rural area in the Shire of Mitchell and the eastern rural area in the City of Whittlesea.

In the s a number of large pastoral runs were established in the area. Subdivision in the s encouraged further settlement, including the establishment of the village of Merriang, about 5 kilometres east of Beveridge at the headwaters of the Merri Creek Merriang is thought to be Aboriginal for a stone chopper and the area east of Beveridge became known by this name.

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Changing agricultural activities in eastern beveridge trading reviews late 19th century, including an expansion in grazing and a reduction in cropping, contributed to population decline. Land use The rural north comprises the rural balance of the City of Whittlesea, including some rural-residential areas.

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The non-urban areas are characterised by forest, cattle grazing, farming and poultry, horse and dog breeding. Population Population density and growth The population for the rural north was 3, with a population density of 0.

The population forecast for the rural north is 3, and is forecast to grow to 3, by The number of dwellings in the rural north is forecast to grow from correct betting strategy for binary options, in to 1, inwith the average household size falling from 2.

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Demographics The rural north had a lower proportion of pre-schoolers and a higher proportion of persons at post retirement age than the City of Whittlesea in There were 26 people over the age of 85 living in the rural north inwith largest age group being 50 to 54 year olds.

Diversity In the rural north, 15 per cent of people spoke a language other than English at home in In11 per cent of people in the rural north came from countries where English was not their first language.

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The 3 largest ancestries in the rural north in were Australian, English and Italian. Employment 1, people living in the rural north in were employed, of which 60 per cent worked full-time and 36 per cent part-time.

More rural north residents worked in construction than any other industry in There were more technicians and trades workers in the rural north in than eastern beveridge trading reviews other occupation.

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In the rural north eastern beveridge trading reviews per cent of the population reported doing some form of voluntary work inwhich is higher than the City of Whittlesea average of 9. Families and households In the rural north, 45 per cent of households were made up of couples with children in In the rural north, 83 per cent of households were purchasing or fully owned their home, Car ownership Analysis of car ownership inindicates 81 per cent of households in the rural north had access to 2 or more motor vehicles, compared to 61 per cent in the City of Whittlesea.

Planning for this facility is in the very early stages.

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The site is located alongside the Hume Freeway. Further investigations will determine the exact area required for the core terminal requirements, with the remainder of the precinct designated for industrial and freight related uses.

Major surrounding features.

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