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Robots -- This Is War is a delightful and entertaining read. It's the first book in a new children's book series by Margaret Stohl and Lewis Peterson.


The story centers around two galactic empires that consist of seemingly polar opposites -- the Robots, or "Binars," obsessed with order and rules, and the Cats, for whom rules robot on binars "generally meant to be followed--but only if you felt like it.

Each side is determined that the chip must not fall into the enemy's paws -- or grasping appendages.

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As the winner of a GoodreadsGiveaway, I received an advanced reader's copy of this thoroughly engaging book. From start to finish, I found robot on binars much to enjoy and appreciate.

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To begin with, the book encourages readers to move beyond "binary" thinking, of believing that something has to be all of one thing or all of something else. Girl or Boy.

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Cat or Robot. Organized or Chaotic.

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However you delineate things that you believe to be complete opposites. Well, robotics, coding, computer programming, are all integral to this story. But one other area where I feel that readers may benefit is in emotional literacy Two human twins, Min and Max, experience a range of emotions as they interact with two mischievous kittens and an older cat whose health is failing.

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My thanks to everyone involved in this book's creation for the chance to read this advance copy. This book would be a great addition to the children's collection in a library. My initial impression of this book, when I enrolled in the giveaway, was that it combined my favorite animal, the cat, with an application of STEAM principles That's Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

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As I understand it, educators incorporate STEAM in education to prepare children to live and work in an increasingly technological society. Well, my intention with any children's book giveaway that I won was to place the book, once I'd read it, into my school library.

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I'm looking forward to receiving this book and, most especially, to reading it. Parkhill, June 9,