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These diamonds look identical in quick money on diamond ring.

12 Easy Hacks to Save Money on an Engagement Ring

In general, diamonds in the G to I color range appear just as white as those in the D to F range. For instance, this I-colored diamond appears white, and so does this G-colored diamond.

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If you choose a yellow gold setting, however, like this Round Cut engagement ringyou can probably select an I, J or even a K colored diamond, as it will still look white next to the setting.

Again, the goal is to not overpay for a quick money on diamond that will go unnoticed. Platinum is much more expensive, without looking any different than white gold.

Both gold materials are durable and beautiful, but the price difference can be significant. Achieving a certain Carat weight can make your ring more expensive, but not necessarily more beautiful or eye-catching. Also, round numbered weights tend to come with a higher price tag. People like to brag about carat figures and the result is a big difference in price for very little visible difference.

How to Save for an Engagement Ring

This is especially true for diamonds over or under certain numbers. For example, a diamond weighing 1. Yet to the eye, it will appear almost exactly the same. Similarly for a 1. You can put these savings into buying a diamond with a higher quality cut, which will be much more noticeable than carat weight.

Realistically, the value of the ring is in the appearance and reaction it gets on a daily basis, not from what the numbers say. A halo setting can often make a smaller carat diamond appear bigger, due to the circle of diamonds surrounding the center stone.

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This allows you to save on the diamond, but still get your significant quick money on diamond an attention-grabbing ring. Consider a Colored Gemstone Alternative If you prefer a unique, vibrant style, consider a gemstone ring instead of a diamond one.

By choosing a gemstone, like a sapphire or rubyyou can save significant money. This emerald ringfor example, for a total of 1. This 4. This advice goes for other types of rings like promise rings and anniversary rings as well. Have more questions about getting the best ring for your budget?

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