Routing options for VPN tunnels

Tunnel options

Dustin and Nandi have reviewed all available settings and are happy with most of the default settings included in the Policy Manager BOVPN tunnel configuration.

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They do want to review the settings one last time, and change one of the available IKE Phase 2 settings. Click Add. The New Tunnel dialog box opens.

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Dustin and Nandi chose to use the most tunnel options settings for Phase 2 negotiation. Select the New Phase tunnel options Proposal icon adjacent to the Proposal drop-down list.

In the Phase 2 Proposal dialog box, below Force Key Expiration, you can select to force keys to expire and renegotiate based upon time or amount tunnel options data passing through the VPN tunnel.

Cloud VPN overview

Change the valueKilobytes to Kilobytes. Click OK.

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Dustin and Nandi hope to increase security by changing keys more frequently than if they used the default setting. Make sure PFS is enabled. If the remote device does not support PFS or does not have PFS configured, you must clear this check box or tunnel negotiations will fail.

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Below Addresses, click Add to add a pair of IP addresses that use the tunnel. The Local-Remote Pair Settings dialog box opens. In the Local text box, type the IP address of the database server as You can type the IP address directly in the text box, or click the button adjacent to the text tunnel options, select host address, and type it there.

Networks and tunnel routing

The remote address is Make sure the tunnel direction shows as bidirectional. Making certain that the tunnel is bidirectional ensures the stability.

  • Default: 0.
  • Configuring a VPN Tunnel
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Click Close. Remember, Phase 1 and Phase 2 settings must be identical to those configured in the tunnel you just created on the KunstlerHQ Firebox.

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Except the local and remote information, which must be reciprocal unless the Any service is used. The options that you can select for NAT are different for different types of addresses and different tunnel directions.

Tunnel Cross Section Software – Update Settings