WTF is a Grid Trading Bot?

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What is Grid Trading?

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It is a trading strategy which, in contrast to most other strategies, works best in a ranging sideways market with no clear trading robots grid. It profits from the ups and downs of the price fluctuations in a market and is best used while there is no clear up or downtrend for a longer period. The more frequent and the bigger the price fluctuations are, the more profitable the strategy will be.

Simply put, a grid strategy works by scheduling or setting up buy and sell orders in a predefined price range, creating a grid-like formation; This is where the strategy gets its name from. First of all, you will have to choose a price range for the strategy and then decide how many "Grids" you want to have inside of it.

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You basically "split" your price range into multiple smaller ranges Grids to increase the likelihood of trades to trigger.

The visualization of the orders from grid trading bot directly on the Chart. The more grids you make, the higher the trade frequency will be because the grid width is decreased.

Backtested on several currencies, timeframes and with the use of tick data. Trading Logic When both buy and sell feature is enabled, the Grid Blazer Forex robot does not rely on direction. Rather, after a candle closes, a trade is opened.

But at the same time, the profit earned with each order will decrease. That means you can choose to either have many trades which earn only a small profit at a time, or a few trades which in turn make trading robots grid big profit each.

Whenever a buy order is triggered, a new sell order will be placed higher than the buy. And whenever a sell order is triggered, a new buy order will be placed lower than the sell.


This means that whenever the price fluctuates between 2 grids so a trade is executed, a small amount of profit will be earned. As long as the price stays within the set range, the strategy will always sell a bit when the price goes up and buy a a robot on the Internet without investment when the price goes down, scalping small amounts of profit every time.

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Reliable Strategy in the Crypto Market Grid Trading has been around for quite some time now, and it is a proven, time-tested, and profitable trading strategy.

Tons of examples of trading robots grid traders actively using it over decades on all possible kinds of markets can be found. Due to its high fluctuations, especially the crypto market turned out to be one of the most reliable spaces for Grid Trading strategies.

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Simplicity for all crypto-traders Because the strategy does not require any algorithms, indicators, or complicated market signals, everyone can trading robots grid understand and use it to make a profit.

People with no experience in the crypto trading markets will have an easy time setting it all up. By choosing the price range and the trading robots grid of grids, you actively define the frequency and period of the strategy.

Sample Trading Results

It can be set up for the short term, making hundreds of trades per hour to catch micro profits from all small fluctuations of a day. It can also be set trading robots grid for the long term by choosing a huge range, which will allow it to run for months to earn profit from every greater trend change. Providing Liquidity Grid Trading is a strategy that can trading robots grid used for market making just perfectly. It helps provide liquidity and by doing that it will create a ton of trading volume for the trader if it's configured for that purpose.

But even though most Grid Traders don't think about it it can also be incredibly useful on illiquid markets with thin order books.

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You can easily "eat" all of these spikes by providing liquidity with a Grid Bot and turn them into nice profit for yourself. Not only that, it is also incredibly helpful for exchange you are trading on and is useful for anyone who would like to trade on that illiquid pair since it enables them to do that for a fair price.

It's great if you want to trade with only the big and trading robots grid assets like BTC, while you also want to get more significant results in shorter periods, which would otherwise only be possible with trading small market cap coins.

One of the best strategies in a ranging sideways market Most trading strategies you will find focus around correctly predicting a trend and betting on that prediction by trading accordingly for example: If this EMA crosses that, while X-Indicator is showing this, then the price will likely go up.

What is Grid Trading?

Sadly, more often than not, the market just has no clear trend, or the trend goes in the wrong direction needed for the strategy, so traders using that strategy have to wait it out and stay flat most of the time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that because their trades are just bets on predictions, it's also very possible that they lose their bet and take a loss.

For those who are uncomfortable using EA against the trend, now you will be able to reverse the EA trading process in anyway you like. This might be very useful option to have.

If the trend goes downwards you buy cheap trading robots grid then cheaper, if the trend goes upwards you sell high and then higher, if it doesn't go anywhere you buy and sell and buy and sell, making a profit from all the small fluctuations it does until it changes into a trend.

So, while other strategies will miss out on most opportunities and maybe even make losses if their prediction is wrong, Grid Trading will make use and profit from any price movement, regardless of the direction as long as the price doesn't leave your range downwards without ever reversing back up.

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If you configure a broad range and set it up for the long term, you are guaranteed to have an excellent average price in both cases. Diversification Many traders recommend that you spread your funds and invest in multiple assets instead of trading robots grid all your bets on one card.

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So if you are long term holding two assets, which are exchangeable with each other, you can use Grid Trading on to earn some extra profit from fluctuations in between them, while doing so. Automation Due to its obvious logic and because all of its actions are predetermined and unrelated to market behavior, Grid Trading is very susceptible to automation.

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Not only that, but trading robots grid also much easier and even way more efficient to utilize Grid Trading with a Trading Bot, instead of trying to follow the strategy with manual trades. Grid Trading is still not a failsafe way to trade assets.

ForexGridMaster is also an excellent tool to greatly enhance manual trading, especially for stealth-mode scalping and strategies triggered by News events. The essence of grid-trading, as we practice it, is to catch and efficiently profit from price action as much as possible by creating ForexGridMaster automatic trading strategies that place Buy and Sell trade orders according to a pre-determined plan. In the past, the major criticism of grid-trading Counter-Trend strategies has been the possibility of accumulating too many trading robots grid trades, which may eventually lead to a Margin-Call on the Account. This does not have to be a problem.

If the price goes down and never comes back up, which especially on small market cap coins is the case more often than you would think.