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    Post-Brexit trade agreement is credit positive for UK domestic issuers 24 Dec Moody's Investors Service The agreement between the EU and UK on the basic outline of their future program for trading robots relationship removes some of the uncertainty that has hampered growth and investment in the UK since the Brexit referendum. While positive, the benefits offered by the agreement are not as deep or comprehensive as those offered by EU membership.

    He was elected to the Board of Directors effective October 22, We continue to expect 4.

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    Post-pandemic oil industry will keep costs low infocus on energy transition 05 Jan Moody's Investors Service Companies in the oil and gas industry will closely control their operational and capital spending in as the industry recovers from the pandemic-driven downturn of At the same time, companies will also boost investments to prepare for a lower-carbon future.

    Uneven Recovery 17 Dec Moody's Investors Service Issuers with lower credit quality in consumer-sensitive sectors and those with weak liquidity would be most vulnerable in a scenario of broadly renewed global coronavirus lockdowns that are similar to those in the spring in terms of stringency and effects on economic growth.

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    Recovery will be uneven future service online earnings reviews constrained issuance volumes, housing and workplace behavioral shifts, tighter underwriting and more ESG focus. Infographic: Disruption of German auto demand will reverberate through supply chain 18 Dec Moody's Investors Service Auto-related businesses are major employers in Germany, and the pandemic-driven weakening of auto demand will have major knock-on effects for many other industries in Germany and neighboring countries.

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