Essential Options Trading Guide

Call option is, Call option


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    Key Takeaways Buying calls and then selling or exercising them for a profit can be an excellent way to increase your portfolio's performance. Investors often buy calls when they are bullish on a stock or other security because it affords them leverage.

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    Call options help reduce the maximum loss an investment may incur, unlike stocks, where the entire value of the investment may be lost if the stock price drops to zero. Investors most often buy calls when they are bullish on a stock or other security because it offers leverage.

    The stock, bond, or commodity is called the call option is asset. A call buyer profits when the underlying asset increases in price. A call option may be contrasted with a putwhich gives the holder the right to sell the underlying asset at a specified price on or before expiration. The specified price is known as the strike price and the specified time during which a sale is made is its expiration or time to maturity. Call options may be purchased for speculation, or sold for income purposes.

    Consider the graphic illustration call option is the two different scenarios below. While both investments have unlimited upside potential in the month following their purchase, the potential loss scenarios are vastly different.

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    Closing the Call option is Investors may close out their call positions by selling them back to the market or by having them exercised, in which case they must deliver cash to the counterparties who sold them. The Bottom Line Trading calls can be an effective way of increasing exposure to stocks or other securities, without tying up a lot of funds.

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