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Live after trading. Should You Quit Your Job to Trade Stocks?

Watch video in full size 2 Order dynamics Depending on the market you trade, you have to make sure that you understand the different order types and also how to execute your trades.

Try to understand what the difference between a market and a pending order is.

Trading Hours in the Regular Market

How does a stop vs. How can you place stop loss and take profit orders for your trades and what happens when price reaches those orders? Just try out all different order types and observe what happens.

During your 3 months on demo trading, pay close attention to market dynamics, how price live after trading and note down everything that catches your attention.

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How do price movements differ across different markets, forex pairs, timeframes? Which timeframe works best for your daily schedule? How do news impact price movements?

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Which news are the biggest movers? What type of price behavior do you feel most comfortable with?

Do you see lots of gaps and how can you deal with them? Are you OK with overnight positions? The majority of traders will, however, look at the points below and still try to make them work with their demo trading — big mistake.

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You might build a little confidence and also understand how to execute your trades within the scope of your trading method, but good demo results never translate to good live trading results. The greatest danger of demo trading The biggest problem traders who stay on demo too long have is that their undisciplined trading behavior becomes a part of their general approach to trading.

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This means that you know WHY you are losing and what you can do to stop it. Losing money without learning your lessons is a waste of your money and your time and it will keep you in this loop for a very long time ever. A trader who loses his motivation, the fun and the excitement for trading becomes overly negative and frustrated is very likely to give up on trading completely.

Enjoy the process.

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Your top priorities should be developing discipline, trust in your rules and your system, building a strong trading routine and developing a passion for trading. Those things, along with a strong and conservative money management approach, will make sure that you lay a solid foundation at the beginning which you then can leverage later on.

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