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How to make money in nl

Retry The City Lots of tales could be told about Amsterdam since the city of nearly one million inhabitants is truly diverse.

A finished basement will not only make it more attractive to buyers, but will also boost your resale value! Staying in your home? A finished basement can reduce heating costs significantly! You can also make money with a legal basement apartment!

Several multinational companies have opened their offices in the city, and many of them actually belong to the sharing economy. Flexibility and freedom will be your most favourite words in the Netherlands.

how to make money in nl

Skilled and inexperienced workers can join a platform or more to earn an income on their own terms. Homeowners, as well as individuals with a car or how to make money in nl useful but barely used devices, can sign up for platforms to earn quick passive income in Amsterdam.

Tourists fly into Amsterdam in flocks and spend a few nights discovering the city.

how to make money in nl

Why not host them or rent out your items to your neighbours? Babysitters, pet sitters, and senior care providers could take a virtual tour on numerous sites to accept and decline requests coming from individuals.

how to make money in nl

Pick your age range or favourite breed, and start making some money in Amsterdam. We assume you need to have some qualifications to do that, like a driving licence, but no previous experience as a driver or messenger.

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For those who would like to work in real peace we can highly recommend to take up some cleaning gigs. If your home is tidy and you feel okay with hosting people, you could organise dinner parties.

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Cooking, baking, marinating and such could become your social time far away from the screen. In addition to that, you could even launch your tour guide career in Amsterdam. No previous experience is needed, just great passion and love for your city!

how to make money in nl

The most opportunities wait for those who would love to become an online teacher or freelancer. However, signing up for these platforms could also boost your business launched earlier.

You do not need to register separately with them, unless you decide to register as a limited company or association. See also Legal business structures - an overview. If you are from outside the EU, you may need to apply for one. Read how it works.

No problem. Look around and see which sites have been designed for you! Moving on towards crafts, selling your prints could be a way to diversify your work portfolio and earn more money monthly.

how to make money in nl

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