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Want to lose weight? Try this most effective workout routine. But a new and interesting study says that working out six days a week, or around minutes a week can help you lose weight.

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The study emphasized that you should be burning roughly 3, calories a week to get the desired result. Well, that goes beyond the recommended 30 minutes workout for 5 days a week physical activity guideline. The participants can choose to either run, walk, or lift weights.

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The study found out that those who worked out six days a week burned a maximum amount of calories and body fat. At the end of the study, exercise this in the first group simply burned more calories and lost more body fat.

What are the best exercises for me?

Also Read - Bird Flu: 5 Exercise this We Must Avoid To Stay Safe From Avian Influenza The study which was led by Kyle Flack, an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky said that people need to burn around 3, calories per week through exercise if they want to see exercise this weight loss, which creates a tricky slope when it comes to the relationship between exercise and eating.

Their metabolic rate only decreased slightly.

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