VK token, Automated posting on Vkontakte public pages using VK API and Python

Class yii\authclient\clients\VKontakte

VK token important! So, let's also see how to add pictures to the community page.

vk api получение аксес токена, простой скрипт

Creating a new photo album First of all, I need a photo album at my page. This is my user ID.

VK token

And the page VK token is I do not know why this ID is returned. So, now we can add VK token to community photo album.

VK token

We can make a post from the image identifier, text description and the web-link. This is enough to make a successful integration of your site with your Vkontakte page. There is a limit, you can create no more than 50 posts per day on the wall!

File name to save access token Details Getting user access token involves several steps: Step 0. Login your VK account. If you haven't created an application yet, create one by clicking Create an Application on the top right of the page. Give it a title and choose Standalone Application.

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VK token

Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement. If you are an owner of some content and want it to be removed, please mail to content vulners. Originally it was a Facebook clone. But now, after 10 years of development, these two services are quite different from each other. The service allows users to upload and share files and for a long time was quite tolerant to piracy. In Mail.

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In VK communities you can easily share news, photo, audio, video, text files in different formats, create discussions topics and wiki-pages. When I was studying at the University into share information in a study group we needed to create our own website and phpBB-based forum.

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Now practically all students simply use VKontakte groups for this. Unlike Facebook, VKontakte shows all content in groups as is, without hiding and filtering. I created this page in web GUI and filled it with content automatically using my own python scripts.

VK token

So, I will need to create a new Standalone Application for this. Let's get it.

This module lets you authenticate using VK.