Can you make money from free game apps?

Where you can really earn and withdraw money, How to earn money online? Check these 5 mobile apps to make real-time income

Tweet Pin I am often asked how to get free money but unfortunately there are very few legitimate ways of earning free money. Recently I started being inundated with adverts that promise that you can make money from free game apps. The ads show amounts rapidly building up s of dollars in minutes for the users to withdraw straight to PayPal. As it seems too good to be true, I decided that it probably was, but for me to be able to write about these apps fairly, I decided to download a selection of these free game apps that promise massive monetary rewards, and play them each day to see what would happen.

6 Mobile phone apps that offer the opportunity to earn money

To ensure my reviews were fair, I decided to play the games for a few days before looking at the reviews in the app store so as not to sway my opinions. Like the others you earn a lot of money early on and then those amounts tail off, and become fewer and further between.

My time is definitely better spent elsewhere — perhaps a similar game but without ads. It appears that the app has previously changed the minimum payout amount and other people are complaining about the level of ads.

7 of the Best Money-Making Apps of 2020

I think we can safely say Panda Cube Smash is a scam! Is Lucky Dice Legit? My Lucky Dice Review — Lucky Dice is a dice game where you roll the dice and move around a circular board, picking up rewards along the way. The more tokens you earn, the higher level you can get to, and in turn earn bigger rewards.

My concern is that as you stay on the game longer, the monetary rewards would decrease, and unsurprisingly this is exactly what has happened. Otherwise there is no way I would have stuck with it. App Store Reviews — On the whole the reviews are saying this game is a scam.

Comment Synopsis There are a few apps that actually help you make money. ET gives you a quick rundown on those that work. There are a few apps that actually help you make money. There are scam offers and apps that entice you to earn money on the Internet.

They all seem to say similar to me — that you can earn loads of money on day one and then it tails off. I get the feeling that Lucky Dice is another scam and probably not worth your effort. Is Spin Day Legit?

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It is free slot machine spins on a variety of different games available each day. You do watch occasional ads, although a lot less than on some of the other apps.

You can choose to watch additional ads to unlock bonus spins each day too. I think Spin Day is a scam! One of the other things I hate about this game is that before you watch the ad, you have to choose which ad you watch.

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This game is basically about tapping on collections of blocks of the same colour. The bigger the group, the higher the reward in points. If you click on a really large block, you get a PayPal bonus usually around 50 cents.

How to earn money online? Check these 5 mobile apps to make real-time income

App Store Reviews — Reviews of this app confirm that it is yet again another con. Some people are even saying they have reached the minimum payout amount and then the game changes the amount or the rules to be eligible to withdraw! Conclusion: Starry Legend is a scam! Is My Cat Legit? You can also earn extra coupons if where to make a lot of money in a day spot a star or bank note floating across the play screen, and again you can multiply this by watching an extra ad.

You can also earn free upgrades eg changing a level 5 cat to a level 6 cat by watching an ad. Based on this, I cannot recommend this game, and will be looking at normal versions of this kind of game as I have enjoyed it.

Conclusion: My Cat is a scam! Is Word Smash Legit?

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The goal of the game is to find words on blocks. You can earn bonuses by watching ads. I think there are better word games which have less adverts. App Store Reviews — Unsurprisingly the majority of the reviews are saying this is a scam. Is Merge Number Plus Legit? My Merge Number Plus Review — Merge Number Plus is another game that is based on the merge concept of games — you tap on two of the same numbers and get rewards.

It where you can really earn and withdraw money keeps prompting you to watch more ads — to increase your bonus rewards and also to get more time.

Free PayPal money - How to withdraw money from PayPal / How to get Free PayPal money 2021

There is no clear way of finding out if you can withdraw rewards or anything like that. Merge Number Plus is a massive scam — possibly one of the biggest and worst of the lot! Is Hyper Plinko Legit? My Hyper Plinko Review — Hyper Plinko is a bouncing ball pinball type game where you drop balls into a pinball machine and can earn rewards. I found this game really boring, and even the flashing lights and bonuses were really dull.

Like other games it starts off with bonuses and cash amounts adding quite quickly but it soon slows down.

Add that to the fact that it is boring, I am deleting this asap! App Store Reviews — This app has a high score of 4. Is Pinball Go Legit? You keep dropping balls in to a pinball machine, and you earn more over time as the pot refills, and you can also earn extra balls by watching ads. It is so boring, to be it is not really a game. I am also unable to find any information about how much you need to earn to cash out, or where that cashout option is. Is Match to Win Legit?

Between the levels of the game you can play bonus games like scratchcards etc, and predictably, to start with you will win quite a few early on but then the rewards soon dry up.

You can earn extra rewards by watching ads but these are in tokens which you can then use to buy tickets into the daily and bonus sweepstakes. Google Play Store Reviews — The reviews are overwhelming that you will struggle to to get a payout and that it is not worth it!

Is Rewarded Play Legit? As well as my phone which is an iPhone which runs iOs, I also have an Android tablet and I had been hearing great things about Rewarded Play.

Kangana Ranaut vs Shashi Tharoor on Twitter on this topic - Check who said what and viral tweets Earn money online: The internet is not just for getting news or consuming entertainment gossip. The growing use of smartphones has made it easier for people to earn a handsome amount of money via legitimate activities on certain mobile apps. Nowadays more and more people are coming up with their own businesses on the internet and making money online from the ease of their homes.

It is an app you can download through the Play Store and you can earn coins to put towards cashing out by downloading and playing other games which you access through this app.

Google Play Store Reviews — The reviews for this app seem more genuine that all the games I tried through the App store, however as I was unable to continue with it I cannot confirm this. The developers seem to also quite responsive to poor reviews in the Play Store which is another reason to make where you can really earn and withdraw money feel it might be slightly more legitimate, but I cannot confirm so try it at your own risk! Is Mist Play Legit?

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It works in a similar way, you are rewarded by playing and downloading the apps via Mist Play. It appears that this one is available to players in the UK so I will have a more detailed look at it when I have a bit more time. I have in fact been contacted on Twitter by a reader who says she has received several Amazon vouchers from it, so it is at least possible! Is Puppy Town Legit? It is absolutely ridiculous, and hopefully these mad claims will prevent people from downloading the app but it disgusts me that these adverts exist and that you can even download the game in the first place.

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Conclusion Any game that promises fast and easy rewards for little or no effort such as all these games probably are as scammy as you might think. You are then bombarded with loads of crappy ads for similar games, none of which are ever going to make you money.

Can you make money from free game apps?

A lot of the reviews say that people have tried lots of similar games and they are shocked that the App Store even allows such games to be downloaded. I doubt the majority of these games have ever paid out any money, let alone the hundreds and thousands being advertised in them. Your time would be far better spent doing something else, whether playing a different game I have no problem with playing games but where you have no expectation of earning any money, or making a bit of extra cash using a survey sitemystery shopping or another kind of side hustle.

One of the other thing that really annoys me where you can really earn and withdraw money these games is that they were all rated between 4 and 5 out of 5 in the app store. Everyone knows to take a review of 5 out of 5 with a pinch of salt, but the numbers seem reasonably legit.

If you look through them though you will see that a lot of the more recent reviews are the 1 star reviews bringing down the scores, all with similar feedback across the board.

Whilst playing the money games listed above, I saw adverts for the following other games, which again also promise a withdrawal to PayPal of loads of money with little or no effort.

This list will be updated as and when I hear of new games. Plinko Master.