How do Internet companies profit if they give away their services for free?

Who and how makes money on the Internet share


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    Set your billing rate A user has the freedom of setting his price per gigabyte of data consumed. Wicrypt Wallet Wicrypt has an inbuilt wallet that verifies the beneficiary has enough Wicrypt Credit WC to start using the service.

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    Secured blockchain payment It leverages the blockchain and allows users to receive payments per gigabyte GB of their wifi data consumed by a beneficiary. Users can register via Wicrypt placed second among 25 tech companies A blockchain startup WiCrypt The app also has A blockchain startup WiCrypt came second with a 2 million naira funding Visit our Help Center, to learn more or ask us any question on a Live Chat now.

    Wifi can be shared via Wicrypt routers or via your mobile phone.

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    The inbuilt wallet verifies that beneficiaries always have enough credits to use the service while users receive payment per gigabyte of data consumed. Beneficiaries without our mobile app can also connect via our Wicrypt vouchers.

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    With Wicrypt, users can have access to more affordable internet data while also giving them the power to earn from providing affordable internet data. Get in Touch We would love to hear from you!