How to teach children the basics of budgeting

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Taxes Image Credit: Dreamstime. According to some theorists, potters, who used the pygg clay to build money containers with tiny slits in the top so that coins could be dropped in and not retrieved back out, embraced the misnomer and began crafting their clay pygg banks in the shape of little porkers. And thus, the piggy bank was born.

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So, in an effort to further encourage all of our customers to teach children about moneywe wanted to highlight one of the simplest, most convenient ways to save: using a piggy bank.

Piggy bank apps for the young

Most of us at some point in our childhood received a piggy bank. Maybe some of us still use our first piggy banks. More importantly, the piggy bank is also a good reminder for parents and young adults who piggy bank internet earnings have forgotten the importance of saving. Here are four reasons why every person, young or old, should be using a piggy bank: 1.

A piggy bank helps us organize loose change. When our pockets or purse get full of random coins, one smart trick is to put that money somewhere specific like a piggy bank rather than losing it in your couch or car.

Not only will using a piggy bank help clean up your house and car, a piggy bank also reinforces good savings habits.

piggy bank internet earnings

The money in a piggy bank adds up. Using a piggy bank with kids is fun, too.

Contribute 10 to 25 percent of money received to this bank.

Ask them what they want to save for so you can help them set a goal. It might be fun to use more than one piggy bank. Label each one with your planned purchase and start saving.

Piggy bank apps for the young at heart

This is also a fun way to teach your children about money and the importance of saving. Saving sets a great example. Piggy banks are a really simple and effective way to teach children in the family about the importance of saving.

Let them pick out their own piggy bank, one they can decorate and feel proud about. They may not be saving up for anything specific when you start but encourage them to think about what they may want to buy piggy bank internet earnings. To help them better understand it, you can do this with your child.

This should motivate them to find ways to earn money to put in their piggy banks. Suggest taking some additional chores or finding items they could sell in a rummage sale to make some extra money. Maybe a neighbor needs help picking weeds out of their garden. Most importantly, it would be very helpful if you discovered another source of income, like having the rummage, selling items online, or helping at a farmers market.

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Just be a good example for your child. Saving should always be top of mind. This is a great habit to keep with you throughout your adult life. Contributing to a savings account also prepares us for when an emergency or other unplanned life event occurs.

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What do you do once the piggy bank is full? There are a couple of options. Reward yourself with a treat! We suggest putting some in a Great Midwest Bank savings account — a bigger piggy bank.

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Donate a portion of the money to a local charity in your area and put whatever is left inside your Great Midwest Bank savings account.

Invest some of the money in ways to earn more money and put the rest into a Great Midwest Bank savings account.

piggy bank internet earnings

Put all of it into a Great Midwest Bank savings account. There are only three things you can do with your money and maybe you figured it out already.

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Save, spend or share. The more you save, the more you have to spend and share. Developing a strong habit of saving your money with a piggy bank or a savings account will help you teach your children about money.

piggy bank internet earnings

If you want to learn about using a piggy bank or ways to keep more of your money, contact Great Midwest Bank today.