Real-life robots that will make you think the future is now

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Why you can trust Pocket-lint Pocket-lint - If you're anything like us, you probably can't wait for the day you can go to the store and easily and cheaply buy a robot to clean your house, wait on you and do whatever you want. We know that day is a long way off, but technology is getting better all the time.

In fact, some high-tech companies have already developed some pretty impressive robots that make us feel like the future is here already. These robots aren't super-intelligent androids or anything - but hey, baby steps. We've rounded up real-life robots you can check out right now, with the purpose of getting you excited for the robots of tomorrow.

This robot has appeared in several high-profile interviews and appearances - happy robot on the internet without attachment a spot on the Jimmy Fallon show.

happy robot on the internet without attachment

Sofia is capable of answering a multitude of questions and is learning too. Is she a vision of the future?

Starship Technologies Starship Technologies Starship Technologies have developed this local delivery robot designed to quickly deliver parcels and post within a two-mile radius. This wheeled self-driving delivery bot is an interesting alternative delivery drones. Will the future be void of delivery people but a buzz with wheeled and flying delivery bots?

Bot Care, which is one of three robots announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in the US is able to do a number of tasks around the home like remind you when to take your medicine, act as a heart rate monitor, and if the worst happens phone emergency services for help.

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SegwayRobotics Inc. Loomo Just when you thought Segway couldn't possibly get any better, the company has updated and enhanced its transportation device with autonomous abilities.

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With Gita Bot, worry no more. This compact robot is designed to follow you around while you're out and about in town or on the way to work. The bot is capable of carrying the equivalent of a case of wine, a loaded rucksack or two shopping bags, so it's an ideal companion for a quick trip down to the shops. In the future, you'll be able to leave the car at home and stretch your legs without the misery of carrying your shopping home.

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Mayfield Robotics Kuri Kuri is a robot for the home designed with personality, awareness of its surroundings and the power to move about the house freely too. Its designed to fit into your home and become part internet business real earnings the family - entertaining your loved ones, playing music and capturing special moments.

Kuri is capable of reacting to sound, touch and even has a lighting system to let you know what mood it's in. We can't decide if this is awesome or creepy. LG Electronics LG Rolling Bot Another rolling robot - this time a mobile camera that can roll around your home capturing images and videos.


LG says the Rolling Bot can be used as a security monitoring system for the home or a companion for your pets. It's smartphone compatible and connects to your Wi-Fi for full connectivity and live streaming via your phone while you're out and about. Softbank Robotics Romeo Romeo is a humanoid sized robot happy robot on the internet without attachment designed and built to assist the elderly how much money do you need to earn they lose their own autonomy.

This robot is designed to be able to open doors, climb stairs and reach for objects while going about its care duties. In the future, this clever bot may enable the elderly to stay in their own homes longer rather than having to move happy robot on the internet without attachment care homes. FoldiMate, Inc.

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Foldimate Laundry is such a chore. Washing, drying, putting everything away - so dull. Luckily technology is always improving.

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There are plenty of modern smart home products to help ease the misery including smart connected washing machines and dryers. Foldimate goes one better by automatically folding your clothes too. Buddy is designed to entertain the family, help you with your everyday activities, offer reminders when you need them, support you with recipes in the kitchen and much more.

You can use buddy to make video calls, keep an eye on your home while you're out, connect all your smart home devices together and even help your children learn. Cafe X Technologies, Inc. Cafe X Cafe X is an automated, robot powered coffee bar built with the power to deliver the very best in speciality coffee via advanced automation.

Now you'll be able to get your morning coffee without the chore of having to talk to real people, isn't the future wonderful? Whether Cafe X can outperform professional baristas remains to be seen. Moley Robotics Moley Robotic kitchen If you're not a fan of cooking, then this next one might be for you.

The Moley Robotic kitchen is, as you might expect, a fully-automated cooking robot spread trading robot can cook for you.

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This robot is apparently capable of learning new recipes, cooking a variety of different meals and even cleans up after itself. Moley Robotics claim this kitchen robot can even mimic the skills of a full-blown master chef enabling it to craft world-class meals just for you. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Ava Robotics Inc. Ava Robotics Ava Robotics has designed a robot that allows workers to easily move around a remote location as if they were really there.

It's an intelligent assistant that can be controlled by your voice, play video footage via a built-in projector and even engage in interactive games. This robot is Wi-Fi connected and happy robot on the internet without attachment software updates in future to improve it further.

This robot is designed with an evolving personality, meaning it grows and learns how to react based on your habits and routines. Olly uses a brain-inspired AI system to create a personalised experience that's unique for each and every user. MJI INC Tapia Tapia is a smart robot designed to help you stay in contact with friends and family, organise your hectic schedule, keep you up to date with the latest news and give you hands-free access to your smart home devices.

Tapia is a virtual assistant happy robot on the internet without attachment with a cute design that's built to become part of your home. This robot is intended to help out in a variety of ways around the house. It's a smart home manager, a security monitoring device, a handy kitchen assistant and even a family photographer. Zenbo can take photos, capture video, make calls, tell stories, play music and much more.

Real-life robots that will make you think the future is now

Like other robots on this list, it also uses artificial intelligence to learn and adapt to your lifestyle. It also features a facial display where it can express emotions and build attachments with your loved ones. Pillo, Inc. Pillo Pillo is a robot that's designed to help with healthcare and well-being around the home. This robot offers a number of different functions including dispensing medication throughout the day, helping with monitoring of care plans, tracking food intake and much more.

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