Feature Properties

The feature of the option is that


    Consolidated Billing.

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    Cross Corporate Identification Routing. All locations at which inbound service calls are terminated under this feature must have associated with them an inbound service Corporate ID. The Company will deliver the invoice for traffic routed in this way to the billing address of the inbound service Corporate ID of the location at which calls are terminated, or to the Customer-of-record of the inbound service, whichever is specified by the Customer.

    The non-billed party will be furnished with a call report summary showing all calls directed to terminating locations via this feature.

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    Unless otherwise specified, the Customer-of-record will be responsible to the Company for payment of invoices for all calls terminated to those locations. In the event the Customer of record designates the terminating location as the responsible party, the Corp ID assigned to the terminating location will be responsible to the Company for payment of invoices for all calls terminating to that location.

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    A monthly recurring charge, as specified below, will be billed to the toll free number Customer-of-record for optional additional the feature of the option is that. All domestic and international usage charges will apply as specified in Domestic Usage Rates and International Usage Rates.

    Custom Reporting.

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    Custom Reporting, which is available to Customers receiving service under a Special Customer Arrangement SCAis a collection of reports which provide monthly data which permits the Customer to track, review, and analyze traffic to monitor contractual commitments and service usage. The following per-report charges apply to standard reports. Additional charges may apply for non-standard reports.

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