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View as Gallery Just over 28 years ago 3 SeptemberTransnistria, a region wedged between Ukraine and the Dniester River, declared its independence from Where to make money quickly in tiraspol. In addition to its population and actively policed borders, Transnistria has its own government and armed forces.

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  • Transnistria, officially the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic or Pridnestrovie for short, is a breakaway state located in Moldova, right on the border of Ukraine.
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It prints its own currency and issues its own passports — neither of which are recognised. We believed it.

Why not? The economy in Bessarabia, the Romanian-speaking part of Moldova, was centred on agriculture, particularly wine production.

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After separation, the government of Trasnistria decided to keep Soviet symbols in opposition to the new symbolism of Moldova. A retired professor of biochemistry, Svetlana works part-time to help her daughter and grandchildren. After a long and fruitless search for employment, her eldest son, also an academic, gave up and trained instead to be an electrician.

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He now works in Poland on a seasonal basis. Svetlana fondly remembers the days of the Soviet Union. For her, the problems started with the fall of the USSR and the rise of nationalist sentiment.

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No one understood what was going on. The land and infrastructure belongs to the private conglomerate, Sheriff.

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Most of the companies were taken over by Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs or became property of the Russian state. Its assets include supermarkets, banks, refineries, distilleries, pharmacies, a mobile phone network, a clothing factory and a football team. Both the football stadium and the FC Sheriff team belong to the Sheriff conglomerate.

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However, FC Sheriff is registered as a Moldovan team, as this is the only way for it to participate in international competitions. In theory you can build up your own business, but you always run the risk of encroaching on their territory.

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  4. No Questions and friendly immigration officers.
  5. The country is incredibly split in this aspect of its politics…should they go towards a future with hopes of entering the EU, or should they start to make closer ties with Russia again?
  6. More information Introduction to visiting the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Transnistria Transnistria, with Tiraspol as its capital, is a narrow territory within Moldovawhich stretches from north to south, the Dniester river being the natural border with Moldova, hence the name in Russian: Pridnestrovian, meaning on the other side of the Dniester river.
  7. A largely unrecognised state?

His flat now functions as a small hostel in which statues and portraits of Lenin are basic elements of decoration.