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In particular, April was a record-breaking month. This flurry of activity has left many shareholders wondering what to consider before participating in a capital raise. Capital raisings come in a variety of different formats.

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To participate in a capital raise, you need to be on the shareholder register by the close of business on the record date nominated by entitlement option company. Some private placements may be done at a premium, particularly if there is a large stake in the company offered, however, these are uncommon.

This means that a third-party, typically the broker conducting the deal or another institution, will buy the shortfall in shares if eligible shareholders do not take up all of the shares made available to them. As such, the underwriter ensures the company raises the full amount of funds it is seeking.

Pro-Rata Entitlement Offer

With some of these basic details out of the way, here are the main capital raise structures. Applications for new shares under an SPP will be available in fixed dollar parcel values.

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SPPs are often less favourable to retail shareholders as dilution is more likely due to the possibility of oversubscriptions. It is somewhat common for bids to be scaled back, which means they have been downsized due to excess demand. Allocations have no correlation with the number of shares you already hold.

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That process will often be conducted first by issuing shares at a fixed-price or through a bidding process called a book-build. Not all SPP offers include this clause, so it pays to read the offer booklet closely.

Pro-Rata Entitlement Offer Under an entitlement offer, sometimes also referred to as a rights issue, shareholders are entitled to buy a certain amount of shares in the company at a fixed price.

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The amount of entitlement shares you are eligible to buy is based on a pro-rata calculation of your existing ownership. For example, 1 new share for every 5 shares you currently hold i. When the stock is released from a trading halt, retail investors have a window, typically several entitlement option, to apply and receive their shares.

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This type of capital raise allows shareholders to reduce the risks associated with ownership dilution. Each investor can participate and receive a quota of shares in proportion with their existing ownership.

Shareholders may also have the option to apply for additional shares on top of their entitlement as part of an oversubscription facility, however, there can be no guarantee that such a facility will be available or that such requests are not subject to scale entitlement option, either in part or in full. This can be done on-market as if you were trading normal shares. In fact, investors may also buy more rights if they wish.

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entitlement option While renounceable offers are the fairest format of all capital raisings, since individuals have complete flexibility and financial incentive to act in a manner that preserves their best interests, most entitlements are typically non-renounceable where rights cannot be traded to another party.

Private or Institutional Offers and Placements Unfortunately, retail shareholders are excluded from placements, with shares offered to sophisticated or institutional parties.

An entitlement offer is an offer to purchase a security or other asset that cannot be transferred to another party.

If there is no accompanying share purchase plan or entitlement offer, retail shareholders will see their stake in the company diluted. Among the benefits to a company pursuing placements is that it allows the company to conduct the capital raise quickly.

Share Purchase Plan (SPP)

Whereas offers involving retail shareholders can take weeks to conclude, placements can be entitlement option in days. In addition, the company can also save costs associated with the preparation and distribution of offer paperwork for retail shareholders.

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If the deal is closed quickly, the stock can sometimes resume trading earlier than might otherwise be the case under the other formats mentioned. In addition, the limit on large non-renounceable entitlement offers was entitlement option, while companies entitlement option now request back-to-back trading halts to help them prepare for a capital raise. The rules have been extended until November 30, In light of this development, it is likely that as long as the economic outlook entitlement option uncertain, some companies that have yet to take advantage of the emergency relief measures may conduct capital raisings in the coming months.

The key takeaway is to make sure you read the offer paperwork and familiarise yourself with the type of capital raise that is being conducted.

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