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Lesson 10 Course Introduction Our 10 detailed videos guiding you through the trading process. The lessons begin with learning about the history of binary options; market analysis; charting systems before taking you all the way to using technical indicators such as The Economic Calendar, but also risk and money management strategies with trading.

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Lesson 1: Trading History Lesson one of our video series introduces you to the world of trading, highlighting points from the days of bartering, to the creation of currencies and the development of stock exchanges and financial products such as binary options. Lesson 2: Traditional Retail Trading vs.

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Binary Options Trading Lesson two of our video series introduces you to how binary options work and the major differences between traditional trading and binary options trading Lesson 3: Introduction to Market Analysis Lesson three of our video series introduces you to trading times, showing you the best times that you motivation options trade and also to the major trading sessions.

This lesson also highlights the three major ways that traders study the price movement in the markets.

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Lesson 4: Introduction to Charting Systems Lesson four of binary options 1 lesson video series introduces you to charting systems and how we can use them when we analyse the markets.

This lesson specifically shows you all of the features of a NetDania binary options 1 lesson chart, so that you too can begin using technical analysis to follow the price movements in the market.

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Lesson 5: Introduction to the Japanese Candlestick Chart Lesson five of our video series introduces you to the basics of the Japanese candlestick chart, highlighting the different parts of the candle and most importantly, how we can use this chart when we analyse the market Lesson 6: Introduction to the Economic Calendar Lesson six of our video series focuses on fundamental analysis and how we can trade with economic events in order to profit from the price movements in the market.

This lesson will teach you how to read any economic calendar, but specifically, Investing.

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Lesson 7: Introduction to Support and Resistance Lesson seven of our video will introduce you to one of the most important technical analysis theories available - support and resistance. This lesson will walk you through the theory behind this trading strategy, showing several examples of how to use it on your own.

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Lesson 8: Introduction to the Bollinger Bands Lesson eight of our video series will introduce you to one of the most popular technical indicators available - the Bollinger Bands. We will teach you the theory behind volatility indicators, but also a trading strategy that you can use to trade price reversals when doing short and long term trades.

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Lesson 9: Introduction to the RSI Lesson nine of our videos series will introduce you to the Relative Strength Index, one of the easiest technical indicators to use when analysing the markets. This lesson will explain how 'overbought and oversold' indicators work and how you can profit from using them in conjunction with other indicators.

Lesson Introduction to Risk and Money Management Lesson ten of our ten part video series will introduce you to several risk and money management strategies that you should employ when you trade alone, such as compounding, diversification, asset correlation, and many more. Know your Instructor Aedan Kelly Professional Day Trader Aedan Kelly is a professional day trader with over six years of trading experience, including three years of binary options trading experience.

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UntilAedan worked full-time as a trainer in for an HR firm, specializing in new employee education and integration. Aedan brings his skills as a professional trainer AND trader to the Binary Institute to make each lesson accessible to every time of trader.

Although no binary options experience is necessary to make use of the course, the information can benefit traders of all experience levels -- from absolute beginners through to advanced binary option traders.

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The course consists of binary options long term distinct lessons.

The lessons address a range of trading-related materials, including information regarding the differences between binary options trading and forex trading, as well as deep dives into various forms of analysis that can help make binary options traders more successful.