Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Technology

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    We identify opportunities that have growth potential with the goal to maximize shareholder returns while adding value to our investment portfolio companies Mission We strive to take advantage of, and participate in the evolving business environment and emerging opportunities internet technologies and investments by rapid technology innovation and the Saudi Vision Structure Tech Invest Com is a Saudi Joint Stock Company as of Value Proposition To Shareholders Provide expertise and network to participate in promising tech investment opportunities Allow shareholders to pool capital to maximize value in larger ticket sizes and investments with a higher risk profile.

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    Offer a co-investment vehicle for interested shareholders. To Portfolio Companies Valuable access to a wide group of our shareholders.

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    Market expertise to help expansion in regional and global markets. We are not a fund that relies on raising capital.

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    Being well funded enables us to make investment and follow on investment decisions in a timely manner. Diverse portfolio that can be strategic and complimentary to new investments Investment Types Earlier stage innovative companies with growth and scale up potential.

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