16 Technology Trends Shaping eCommerce in

Trends in e- commerce

2. More Influencer Marketing — Especially on Instagram

RetailDeep has found success in the Chinese market where facial recognition is widely used. Accessible only to iPhone owners, the Apple card also comes with a cash back rewards program.

The ecommerce business is booming and will continue to grow in

Jaguar Land Rover Jaguar Land Rover will provide cryptocurrency credits to drivers who share data on potholes and traffic congestion with navigation providers and local authorities while driving. Credits can be redeemed for rewards such as a cup of coffee, toll payments, parking fees, or even electric-car charging.

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JLR began testing the program in Shannon, Ireland. Their mobile-savvy population has enabled payment, ordering, fulfillment, automation and personalization technologies to develop at breakneck speeds. And now, Chinese consumers and technologies are expanding beyond the Great Wall.

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As Chinese tourism booms, tourists bring their devices, digital habits QR code payment! Combined, Wechat Pay and Alipay have 1.

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Ian Fraser, Raconteur. This marks the first time that foreign visitors will be able trends in e- commerce use international credit cards to pay with WeChat Pay in China. Alipay for Foreigners Foreign tourists in China can finally use Alipay, previously available only to consumers with a Chinese bank account and local mobile number.

Retailers and brands, be they B2B or consumer-facing, are beefing up their delivery muscle with the help of digitally-focused distribution centers to meet increasing pressure on rapid fulfillment.

By having merchandise available in strategically-placed, robo-staffed and courier optimized warehouses, merchants are now competing on simplicity of experience, process, and functionality. Structube The Canadian leader in contemporary furniture built a distribution center measuring almostsquare feet in order to continue its impressive growth, the majority of which is being driven by digital transactions.

Technology Trends Shaping eCommerce in 2020

FedEx FedEx launched FedEx Fulfillment, a multi-channel e-commerce fulfillment and inventory management platform aimed at small and medium-sized businesses who can store their products at FedEx warehouses in the U. UPS eFulfillment provides a nationwide order fulfillment service that smaller businesses would struggle to trends in e- commerce on their own.

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UPS eFulfillment features an online portal where merchants can create shipping labels and track orders. UPS then handles the shipping and returns for a monthly fee. Non-traditional, more native and embedded brand exposure is becoming increasingly common.

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Key Trend Indicators In Walmart Using smart-entry technology and wearable cameras, Walmart InHome Delivery enables personnel to deliver online grocery orders right to the customer's refrigerator. For in-garage or in-home deliveries, customers use the Cloud Cam to monitor the drop-off.

Ecommerce boom fuels record online competition DTC brands prioritize seamless omnichannel experience to win new customers. Share the future of commerce with your team in one simple format Download the report Key takeaways Though global ecommerce growth will slow before picking up inecommerce sales are at an all-time high after the pandemic accelerated years of growth in just weeks Record ecommerce competition—fueled by legacy wholesalers, global retail giants, and product categories not traditionally purchased online—is driving up customer acquisition costs Many new competitors are not equipped to compete on customer experience, a top differentiator online, giving an edge to brands with immersive omnichannel experiences Shoppers worldwide fuel ecommerce supercycle At the height of the COVID pandemic, 10 years of ecommerce growth happened in just 90 days. In the U.

Hello, Interactive Email The inbox is the new browser Your emails will become interactive webpages Beyond gifs and screenshots, the inbox is becoming dynamic and legitimately browsable Consumers and buyers will do everything from choosing product sizes to browsing carrousels, opening menus, choosing colors, leaving ratings and reviews, etc. Brands and merchants can make emails significantly more interactive, browsable and actionable, including media rich formats like video.

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Home Depot Home Depot uses interactive mails to send product review requests: customers rate 1 to 5 stars and type reviews into the email. Gmail vs. Contact the authors.