How to Make Money From a Website | 8 Simple Solutions

How to make money from building a website

The emerging opportunities the internet offers can now allow you to create free website and earn money.

Whether you want to make a website and earn money for free as a side hustle or as your main way of paying the bills, the internet can teach you a lot of ways how to make money online.

Unlike before, you can now make your audio hosting sites, online journals, virtual art exhibits, and so much more to make money from.

Easy to start, easy to grow When you think of starting a small businessthe overhead and upfront costs can be intimidating and deter you from starting your project. The great thing about building websites as a side hustle is that you can expect to have very little to no upfront or overhead costs.

Write A Blog You can make a blog and make money with Strikingly. If writing is your thing, Strikingly offers a lot of templates to choose from so you can make your blogging website.

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The great thing about blogging is you can write about absolutely anything you want. If you want to create free website and earn money in different niches, you can make a website for each one. Once it does, you start collaborating with other bloggers to increase your audience while at the same time helping others too.

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To know how to make money by creating a website using blogs, you can check this guide to get you started. Businesses shifting to an online audience to increase their scope often look for content writers, copywriters, and newsletter writers.

If you include your portfolio for those writeups, you might land a deal to make more money from the website you created. Google Adsense Create free website and earn money with Google Adsense. Make money with Strikingly using the templates we provide to make it easier for you to build your website.

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Google ads are one platform that helps you monetize your website. They are even arguably the easiest way to set up using your Strikingly website. The good thing about Google is they place the ads somewhere not obtrusive so as not to affect your experience navigating the website. If you have more time to spare and no writing gigs to work on yet, you can start writing your eBook to sell later on.

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The choices are endless! You can write a story, curate poems, or even share tips and words of wisdom. Making your eBook allows you to skip intimidating publishing houses and pitch meetings and just be carefree to write about anything you want.

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  • Canva You could also use Wrap Bootstrap to find cheap ready made templates to use for your portfolio if you wanted to get it up and running quickly.

Create A Music Website Creating audio hosting sites is popular nowadays. You can get some ideas on how to start yours here.

Make money building websites with a web design side hustle

If your inkling is in music and you want to share your original compositions or refer to beats you like to others, building a music website will be a great way to create free website and earn money. You can even choose to work with video hosting sites so you can hit two audience platforms with one stone. And again, your website can also serve as your portfolio to get noticed and receive offers you can make money from.

Sponsored Content Sponsored content is another way you can create a free website and make money from.

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Digital marketers now look to influencers to promote products and services. By paying for a membership, a user gets access to exclusive video content and downloadable materials like eBooks and music.

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Some examples would be health and fitness sites, online learning platforms, and even music websites. This is not an extensive list, you have more options out there.

Essential tools for anyone who wants to make money online… Peter Drucker is credited with perhaps the most important quote in business. What works? What does not work! If you are not doing that, you will never create a successful business.

Affiliate Marketing Create free website and earn money by promoting affiliate offers. Affiliate marketing involves building relationships with affiliate how to make money from building a website by creating content based on their niche and offering their products with it.

However, you probably also dismiss the idea as an outright impossibility. And, all you need to create one that's profitable is a little bit of effort and a unique personal experience to share which you probably already have. Your first job is to choose a niche that has a sizable and dedicated potential audience.

You can offer bike parts, gears, tools, and cycling wearables. But also keep in mind that part of being an authority in a niche is offering quality products. Otherwise, you can lose your credibility and worse, your audience.

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Creating a blog website can work great with affiliate offers. With a blogging website, you can be an influencer, you can make money from ads, and you can pitch affiliate offers.

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  • And the best part is, anyone can set one up!

To know more about blogging how to make money from building a website, check out this article. The options are endless when it comes to creating a website to make money from. The recurring requirement in most ways is always to build your credibility and following so you can turn traffic into conversions.

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Strikingly offers to help you design your website using templates you can check out here.