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During screen sharing, the shared screen is in the large display and the thumbnail shows the person who is sharing.

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This view includes an Advanced option, where you can choose the size and location of the thumbnail, or choose to display the active speaker or shared screen without a view options. Thumbnail view Thumbnail combines the Speaker view with view options scaled down version of the Gallery view.

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A small strip of thumbnails, showing up to 8 participants, displays beneath a relatively larger view of the active speaker. The thumbnails show the participants who were most recently the active speakers. This view is only available in Zoom Rooms that view options a single screen. Gallery View Gallery View displays up to 25 participants per screen by default or up to 49 participants per screen if enabled in the view options.


The active view options is highlighted in Gallery View. If there are more than participants than the per-screen limit, view options arrow displays next to the icon.

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Tap the right arrow to display the next group of participants on the screen, and tap the left arrow to display the previous set. This view is not available in a Zoom Room with one screen when screen sharing is active.

Use the Asset Filter option to filter on hosts by their associated Asset Tags, if applicable. Use view options Custom Severity Set option to display the applicable Custom Severities if applicable to your analysis. Select any applicable Dashboard panels under Dashboards to be stored for the View. Modify individual data grids in the Analyze tab columns, column orderif applicable.

Zoom Rooms with one screen To choose the display layout for a room with ones screen: Start or join a meeting. Tap Change View.

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Tap the icon with the view you want to display. Active Speaker View options during screen share If a participant is sharing their screen, Tap Options below Change View for these layout options: To move the floating video to a different location, tap the corner you want it to display in.

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Off: Remove the floating video. Normal: Change the floating video to its internet business real earnings size.

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Enlarge 2x: Increase the size of the floating video. Swap Content: Swap the shared screen and participant's video between the floating video and the main screen. Thumbnail view options during screen share If a participant is sharing their screen, Tap Options below Change View for these layout options: Swap Content: Swap the shared screen and participant's video between the thumbnail row and the main screen.

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Zoom Rooms with multiple screens Note: Thumbnail view is not available in rooms with multiple screens. In Zoom Rooms with two or three displays, the display settings for the each screen are customized by the Zoom Rooms administrator.

Custom video organization: Zoom desktop client for Windows or macOS, version 5.

What you see on each screen depends on the number of participants and whether anyone is sharing a screen. The icon shows the name of the view that you will switch to. See Customizing Display for Video and Content for information about how a Zoom Rooms administrator can customize the display on each screen.

Alternatively ctrl-click right-click anywhere inside the details view and choose 'Style' from the contextual menu to see a full list of the templates. If you'd like to write your own template view options modify one of the existing ones, take a look at the section about customizing Details templates for more information. Choose 'Details' from the drop down menu and check the relevant boxes in the table. You can also change the order of the fields by dragging the titles up and down. Information that appears in italics is clickable and will filter the current collection by that value.

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