Net Banking - What is Online Banking?, Features & Advantages of Internet Banking

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Disadvantages of Internet Banking 1. What is Internet Banking? Internet banking, also known as online banking or e-bankingor Net Banking is a facility offered by banks and financial institutions that allow customers to use banking services over the internet. Not all account holders get access to internet banking. If you would like to use internet banking services, you must register for the facility while opening the account or later.

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You have to use the registered customer ID and password to log into your internet banking account. Features of Online Banking Check the account statement online. Open a fixed deposit account. Pay utility bills such as water bill and electricity bill. Make merchant payments.

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Order for a cheque book. Buy general insurance. Advantages of Internet Banking The advantages of internet banking are as follows: Availability: You can avail the banking services round the clock throughout the year.

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Most of the services offered are not time-restricted; you can check your account balance at any time and transfer funds without having to wait for the bank to open. Easy to Operate: Using the services offered by online banking is simple and easy. Many find transacting online a lot easier than visiting the branch for the same. Convenience: You need not leave your chores behind and go stand in a queue at the bank branch.

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You can complete your transactions from wherever you are. Pay utility bills, recurring deposit account instalments, and others using online banking. Time Efficient: You can complete any transaction in a matter of a few minutes via internet banking.

Funds can be transferred to any account within the country or open a fixed deposit account within no time on netbanking.

Net Banking – What is Internet Banking? Features & Advantages of Internet Banking

Activity Tracking: When you make a transaction at the advantages of earning over the Internet branch, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt. There are possibilities of you losing it.

You can show this as proof of the transaction if need be.

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If you advantages of earning over the Internet not have ideas on which you can make good money to the internet, you cannot make use of any facilities offered online. Similarly, if the bank servers are down due to any technical issues on their part, you cannot access net banking services.

Transaction Security: No matter how much precautions banks take to provide a secure network, online banking transactions are still susceptible to hackers. Irrespective of the advanced encryption methods used to keep user data safe, there have been cases where the transaction data is compromised.

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Difficult for Beginners: There are people in India who have been living lives far away from the web of the internet. It might seem a whole new deal for them to understand how internet banking works. Worse still, if there is nobody who can explain them on how internet banking works and the process flow of how to go about it.

It will be very difficult for inexperienced beginners to figure it out for themselves. Securing Password: Every internet banking account requires the password to be entered in order to access the services. Therefore, the password plays a key role in maintaining integrity. If the password is revealed to others, they may utilise the information to devise some fraud.


Also, the chosen password must comply with the rules stated by the banks. Individuals must change the password frequently to avoid password theft which can be a hassle to remember by the account holder himself.

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