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    Blogs have become incredibly popular over the last few years — to the point where experts believe that one starts every second.

    Along with this rise in interest in blogging is the increase in numbers of those attemping to make a living from the medium. The most exciting thing about blogging as a business is that you actually have the potential to earn money by simply writing about the things that you love or are interested in. How do Bloggers Earn Money?

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    There are many ways to earn an income from your blog and this page cannot possibly explain them all but to put it most simply, most bloggers make their money by writing quality content on a niche topic and then running advertisments on it that relate to the topic at hand.

    As I say — these three ad programs are the key ones for me — but by no means are they they only way to earn an income from blogging. Explore this blog further for many more methods.

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    The rewards have been great — but by no means has it been easy. This is a reality check that bloggers wanting to make a living online need to how to make money topics. It IS possible — but it takes time and for some the dream of a full time living is not a reality and perhaps the dream of covering your internet connection costs, or the dream of a new laptop, or the dream of paying for a holiday might be more realistic.

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    There are a lot of pages so you might want to set some time aside to do some serious reading.