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What is the best place to invest - in which projects Rate this article: Time flies unnoticed, it would seem, quite recently, as another year flew by and very soon the global sale, timed to reliable investment projects on the Internet with the seventh anniversary of aliexpress, will begin, and now, perhaps, is the best time to thoroughly prepare for it.

As usual, about a week before the start, a series of promotions, draws and special offers are announced. This time was no reliable investment projects on the Internet, just recently with whom we are now introducing you. Now, first things first. The tasks are usually simple, which even a child will cope with, like adding a product to a wish list, including notifications about transactions, creating your own reliable investment projects on the Internet of goods, etc.

There will be 7 daily tasks in total, those who do not miss a single one and complete everything will receive a special coupon from aliexpress and coins, in addition to special coupons that will be credited for each completed task.

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Those who have already participated in such sales know that special coupons are valid only within the framework of the shares to which they are associated, i.

The rules are simple, and click "Shoot discounts! In addition, every hour, simply by clicking on "Win special coupons of AliExpress. These coupons can be applied when ordering at several sellers at once, and if you have other coupons, they are summed up. If you heard anything about, then aliexpress is organized on the same principle - special coupons, sales, discounts.

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Everyone loves a freebie, so on the day of sales a lot of crashes happen due to overloading the site, for the most part errors occur at the stage of payment for the goods. We will give a couple of tips to those who face a similar problem - if payment by card does not go reliable investment projects on the Internet, then use alternative payment methods, including gift certificates or electronic currency.

6. Conclusion

At previous sales, many were unable to spend their reliable investment projects on the Internet coupons due to the fact that the problem with paying by credit card arose after 4 hours after the sale started. Particularly savvy on the amount that they plan to spend during the celebration of birthday aliexpress. At the moment, this is the best way to avoid mistakes when paying for goods when the site is overloaded.

Alternatively, you can use Yandex Money - create an account with them and link your bank card in 5 minutes, but it eliminates the problems with paying directly with a card.

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In addition, to the amount of his first cashback withdrawn to Yandex Money the term of the promotion is limited. By the way, if we are talking about cashback, then remember, it sums up with all coupons, so you need to be completely stupid to miss this opportunity. At the moment, you still have enough time to thoroughly prepare for the birthday celebration on aliexpress, so you need to decide on the shopping list in advance, collect the maximum number of coupons, and wait for the sale to start.

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In this article, we have prepared a sales calendar. January Results of the year Winter sale or results of the year - sale on Aliexpress with coupons and promotional codes, takes place in early January.

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February Mi Fan Festival Xiaomi festival - discounts on the brand of the same name with the presentation of new products - from February 4 to 7. China new year Chinese New Year - Chinese stores located on aliexpress hold sales dedicated to the Chinese New Year in February, either a week before the new year, or during the celebration, and sometimes a week after the end. February extravaganza Spring sale Black Friday Black Friday thanksgiving sales - takes place after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November, that is, Black Friday takes place on the last Thursday-Friday of November and lasts days.

December Christmas sale. They are held in early to mid-December and last a week.

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New year sale Winter sale is a New Year's sale, the same as a Christmas sale, but it goes through December, it's such a lazy background sale. The final sale is December 31 - January 1. It's no secret that AliExpress is one of the most popular trading platforms on the Internet.

How it works?

It seems that there is no such person who has never heard of incredible discounts on this site. For example, on November 11, at the But do not be upset if you suddenly missed this grand event, because every year at the end of March, AliExpress celebrates its birthday. This year the platform marks 8 years.

Contests, games, coupons and discounts - do not miss it all on the March sale. Now almost all the coupons that you can get depend on the level of your account silver, gold, etc. Accordingly, the higher the level, the higher the amount of your discount coupons.

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Read more about coupons. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare in advance for the sale: write out a list of the necessary goods with their current value in local stores. Thus, you can extremely objectively assess the real benefits of each proposal. If you buy on ALiexpress, we highly recommend this extension!

Then we recommend you pay attention to the blog, which, without bias and as objectively as possible, analyzes hip-projects. The blog has long sought a positive reputation and credibility among investors on the Internet. And also the administration pays refbacks and TOPovo insures the contributions of its partners.

The birthday celebration starts on March 19th and runs through March 30th. In the period from March 19 to 27 - we play games and collect coupons, and on March we participate in the main sale and make purchases. On the coupons page you can receive new discount coupons every hour, the amount of which depends on the level of your account.

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Additional coupons can also be obtained on the AliExpress mobile app. It will not be superfluous to know that some sellers offer their increased coupons, which apply only to the goods of their storefront.

How to find a reliable investment projects on the Internet?

In addition, almost every product has its own special price. In order to buy a product at the special price indicated for it, you need to add it to the basket, and on March 28 its value in the basket will change to that indicated on the page of the promotion.

You can read more information about the sale organization. Share this.