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How does TSB keep my money secure? If you are ever subjected to fraud, we'll put a stop to it as soon as we're aware, and you'll be reimbursed for any losses that aren't your fault. We'll also send you a new card as soon as possible usually within five working days.

What you can do You can help minimise the risk of fraud by taking simple precautions: Never tell anyone your PIN or Internet Banking login details Only shop online from known retailers Always look out for the padlock symbol on shopping websites Always shred receipts and documents containing personal information before disposing of them Verified by Visa Verified by Visa is free service that gives you extra protection when shopping online.

The service assesses each transaction and either verifies it automatically or asks you for some further information to ensure it's you making the transaction.

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In order to work properly, Verified by Visa needs to open a pop up window in your browser - you will need to enable this function if you currently have it switched off.

What is Verified by Visa? The service will assess each transaction and either verify it automatically or, in some cases, ask you for some further information to help us verify the payment.

This means that you can safely shop online, with fewer interruptions, knowing that Verified by Visa is helping protect you from fraud. This service offers more secure Internet shopping, using your TSB debit card.

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The Verified by Visa service only applies to online purchases at participating retailers. Which cards will be covered? Back to top How does Verified by Visa work? When you make a purchase online, Verified by Visa issues a receipt to the retailer at the end of the checkout process. The receipt includes details of your current purchase, such as site name, purchase amount, and date. You will get a "Processing….

Back to top How does Verified earn 500 on the Internet and withdraw Visa protect me? With Verified by Visa, your transaction is more secure as a security system is running behind the scenes to help prevent fraud. Will I need to apply for a new card to use Verified by Visa?

Back to top How many online retailers currently participate in the Verified by Visa service?

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Many online retailers are already participating in the Verified by Visa service. As the service grows, more will be added. How much does Verified by Visa cost?

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Verified by Visa is a free service to TSB customers. Back to top What browser do I need to use for Verified by Visa? Back to top Can I use Verified by Visa from any computer?

One of the great advantages of Verified by Visa is that you can use it from any computer connected to the Web that has a compatible browser.

Coronavirus lockdown: 10 ways to make money online

Compatible browsers are listed above. Back to top Where can I view the conditions applying to the use of the new Verified by Visa service? If you would like to see the conditions of use for this service, please see our Terms of Use. Back to top I have more questions. Where can I get more help and information on Verified by Visa?

Back to top What if I have software that eliminates pop-up boxes? Some software may not allow pop-ups. If you have this software installed you must disable it or change the settings to allow pop-ups for Verified by Visa to operate correctly. Back to top What should I do if I am purchasing online but the Verified by Visa summary box does not appear? It may be that the retailer does not use Verified by Visa yet but you will still be able to purchase at these retailers.

Simply follow the retailer's normal checkout process.

Your TSB Visa Debit Card

It is not intended to verify or endorse websites or the goods and services offered on those websites which offer the Service.

Please read these conditions carefully before using this Service.

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For commercial accounts these conditions should be read in conjunction with the Business Cardholder conditions for the card and the agreement between the Business and the Bank under which the cards are issued to the Business Cardholders. Meaning of some words in this agreement 'Account' : for personal accounts this means your account for which you have a personal credit or debit card.

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Using this Service When you use Verified by Visa, both these conditions and your Account conditions will apply. If they contradict each other, the relevant condition in your Account conditions will apply. It is not a requirement to register for the Service prior to using your card online. The Service will assess each transaction and will only be invoked in situations where authentication is required due to the assessed risk of the transaction.

When making a purchase online and authentication is required, you will see a pop up in a new window.

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You will then be asked to complete some security questions to authenticate your identity. When you have successfully completed the security questions your purchase will be processed.

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In a small percentage of high risk transactions the authentication process may not be invoked and the authentication request may be denied. Should this occur contact numbers to our Fraud Contact Centre will be provided to allow genuine transactions to proceed. If you have this software installed you must disable it or change the settings to allow pop-ups for TSB.

Security We will check your identity before we can accept any instructions from you or discuss your Accounts.

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To use the Service you may need to use Security Codes. You must: not let anyone else know or use your Security Codes; not write down your Security Codes; take all reasonable steps to ensure your Security Codes stay secret.

If you think someone knows your Security Codes or may be accessing your Account or the Service without your authority you must notify us immediately. You should check statements we send you and let us know urgently about any errors.

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Instructions As long as we have been given your Security Codes, we are entitled to assume we are dealing with you and will: act on and you will be bound by all instructions; allow access to confidential information we hold about you and your accounts, without getting further confirmation from you.

Your Security Codes will not be passed on to online retailers participating in this Service. We may give the police or any prosecuting or regulatory authority any information they need if we think it will help them find out if someone else is using your Security Codes.

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Protection of Software By using this Service you will not acquire any ownership rights, title or interest checking binary options or to the software made available to you.

You must not: do anything which may damage, interfere with or disrupt the software or the way it is provided; or display, alter or use any trademarks without the owner's prior written permission.

We may also suspend or end the Service immediately or decline to follow an instruction if we think: there is a breach of security or we are uncertain whether an instruction is valid but, please note, we are not bound to check whether an instruction is valid ; you have broken an agreement you have with us; you are not eligible for an Account or service; we reasonably think you or someone else is using or has obtained, or may use or obtain, the Service illegally, fraudulently or improperly; there is a legal requirement or a court or other authority tells us to act in that earn 500 on the Internet and withdraw.

If we do take earn 500 on the Internet and withdraw, we will act in a manner we reasonably think is proportionate in the circumstances and will tell you before doing so, if we can reasonably do so. Changes to these conditions We may change any terms of this agreement.

We will tell you personally at least 30 days before we make a change earn 500 on the Internet and withdraw your disadvantage. We can make any other changes straight away by telling you personally or publishing them on our web site.

General information When we tell you personally about a change we will do so by letter, email or any other way by which communications are sent to you individually. You can usually use the Service at any time but repairs, updates and routine maintenance to our systems and those of our suppliers mean the Service may be slow or unavailable from time to time. We will not be liable if the Service is unavailable at any time for these reasons.