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Non-recourse agreement. No personal guarantee.

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  3. Copy Examples of Optionholders option holders a sentence The Option may, but need not, include a provision whereby the Optionholder may elect at any time before the Optionholder's Continuous Service terminates to exercise the Option as to any part or all of the shares of Common Stock subject to the Option prior to the full vesting of the Option.
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Personal Assets at Risk Signing option holders personal guarantee for the capital puts your assets at risk. You only pay when you get liquidity.

Fixed Term Risk What happens at the end of term and your company is still private?

Debt Service Liquid Stock doesn't get paid until you get paid. Pay Interest Along the Way You incur an immediate payment obligation.

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Raising capital can take even longer. This is the Advance Amount. Interim Period Investment Return accrues annually, no cash owed until the contract is settled. After Repayment You keep the remaining shares or sell them for cash.

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What You Need to Know Advance Amount Total dollar amount that Liquid Stock provides you option holders exercising your options and paying the taxes associated with exercise. Investment Return Functions much like a non-cash interest option holders. The investment return accrues to the balance of the advance amount and compounds annually.

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There is no fixed term, you can settle at any time prior to IPO. Non-Recourse In the event your shares become worthless, Liquid Stock has no recourse to any of your assets. The only assets pledged in a Liquid Stock contract are the options you exercise.

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Get Cash.