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Collateral options,

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This is one reason to keep the timing to short expirations, meaning assets collateral options committed in collateral options for a shorter period of time. A more compelling reason is to exploit time decay. This is most rapid in the last one to two weeks before expiration, so focusing on put expirations in this short term makes the most sense.

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The margin rules are complex and often difficult to understand. They also are different for equity options than for index options. The CBOE has published a very useful and free Margin Manual, explaining the requirements for every type of options trade.

Short puts, collateral requirements | Options Money Maker

This is based on only part of the equation, the net premium received for selling an option contract. In addition to the easily calculated margin requirements, a brokerage firm can also impose addition requirements, especially for newly approved or minimally experienced traders.

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So everyone should check before entering a trade to ensure that they understand the collateral and related margin calls. No margin is required for long positions paid for at the time they are opened, or for covered contracts.

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This relates only to uncovered short options trading. Post navigation.

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