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On Oct. That suggested lower-than-expected growth potential in the content delivery network CDN industry, which includes Limelight Networks.

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However, since management didn't change its full-year revenue guidance range, should investors take advantage of that post-earnings dip to buy the company's stock? Disappointing gross margin Limelight Networks developed a worldwide computing infrastructure to allow customers to host internet content closer to users and improve the user experience.

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As the company has been focusing on video, media, and gaming, the coronavirus pandemic had a mixed impact over the last several months. For instance, the increased earnings on your network of video streaming and online gaming boosted the company's business.

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But the reduced number of online live events had the opposite effect. Overall, in contrast with Fastly, Limelight Networks didn't experience reduced customer spending during Q3.

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Revenue grew However, the gross margin was surprisingly low. It dropped to During the Q3 earnings callmanagement explained that the timing of the company's efforts to increase network capacity and earnings on your network the high traffic demand negatively impacted the gross margin. Granted, investors should not pay too much attention to quarterly volatile margins that can vary depending on the timing of contracts and expenses.

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But as Limelight Networks is scaling and improving its network, another quarter of disappointing gross margin in the medium term will suggest the company lacks pricing power, which should lead to reduced profitability. Lower valuation Also, Limelight Networks has been generating weaker gross margins compared to its CDN competitors Fastly and Cloudflare because of Limelight's focus on large-traffic-volume video-streaming customers that command higher discounts.

But with such large customers, Limelight Networks' sales and marketing expenses as a percentage of revenue remained modest.

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As a result, the company has been generating lower revenue growth and higher operating margins compared to its peers. In contrast, the market values Fastly and Cloudflare at much higher forward price-to-sales ratios of 29 and 41, respectively.

Granted, Limelight Networks' revenue growth isn't likely to match Fastly's and Cloudflare's over the next several quarters.

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And the company is facing increasing competition in its video streaming market. For instance, the tech giant Cisco Systems recently partnered with the video-streaming specialist Qwilt to offer an as-a-service solution for telecommunication service providers.

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But the company is close to becoming profitable under generally accepted accounting principles GAAP. And the growing video, media, and gaming markets Limelight Networks addresses represent strong medium-term tailwinds. A study from Cisco estimates video traffic and gaming traffic will increase four-fold and nine-fold, respectively, between and To capture that growth, Limelight Networks developed innovative offerings.

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For instance, it released its edge computing solution EdgeFunctions during Q3 to offer customers programmable capabilities at the edge of its network. In comparison, Fastly's edge computing solution Compute Edge has yet to become publicly available.

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Looking forward Over the next several quarters, investors should make sure Limelight Networks' gross and operating margins will be improving with scale. But following the post-earnings dip, the stock has become much cheaper.

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Thus, investors looking for exposure to the growing CDN and edge computing markets should consider Limelight Networks as an interesting alternative to the highly valued high-growth peers Fastly and Cloudflare.

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Prepared Remarks: Operator Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by, and welcome to Fangdd Network Group Limited third-quarter earnings call. And I would now like to hand the conference over to your speaker host today, Mr. Warren Wen, financial controller of the company. Please go ahead, sir.