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Article Reviewed on December trading interest, Gordon Scott Updated December 30, In trading, open interest is the number of open futures or options contracts for a particular market. It serves as an indication of the strength of the market by showing whether cash is flowing into or out of that particular contract.

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Open interest is typically shown along with the current price bid, ask, and last and volume when viewing an option or futures quote. Traders need to understand what it means in conjunction with these other indicators in order to properly evaluate a futures or options contract.

What Is Open Interest in Trading?

Interest Rate futures and options

Open interest indicates how many contracts of a particular future or option are open on the market at the moment. This number changes throughout the day as traders buy and sell contracts.

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This is an important number for traders to watch, as it is a sign of whether a particular market is trending or declining.

As open interest increases, this is generally a sign that a trend is rising.

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A decline, on the other hand, may indicate that the trend is beginning to wane. The larger the changes, the more significant the indicator of a trend's direction. Open interest is typically displayed along with volumewhich shows the trading interest number of contracts traded for the period.

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Volume is also used as a strong indicator, and to show how actively a market is traded, but it doesn't communicate as much about whether a future or option is trending toward buying or selling. Open interest increases to 1. Trader B enters a long trade by buying four contracts.

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Open interest increases to 5. Trader A exits their trade by selling one contract. Open interest decreases to 4.

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Trader C enters a short trade by selling four contracts. Open interest increases to 8.

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Sometimes both parties will trading interest opening trades and increasing open interest; other times one party will be closing a trade and the other opening no effect on open interestand other times both parties could be closing trades dropping open interest.

Open interest trading interest not the same as volume.

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With volume, both entries and exits cause the volume to increase, but with open interest, entries cause open interest to increase, while exits cause open interest to decrease. How to Interpret Open Interest Open interest is often used as a confirming signal for the current price movement, but on its own, it does not provide any indication of the direction of the price movement.

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It shows how many contracts are currently in open positions, but it doesn't tell who is long or short. Increasing open interest shows that there is the strength behind the current price trendbecause the number of contracts in play is increasing, which means activity is increasing and there's excitement about the move.

Decreasing open interest shows that there could be a weakening of the current price trend.

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Traders are closing out their positions more rapidly than new traders are opening them. For example, increasing open interest along with an increasing price indicates that the upward price movement could continue, but decreasing open interest along with an increasing price indicates that the upward price movement may be about to reverse.

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Open interest is also used to determine if a market is likely to be trending or range-bound choppy. Increasing open interest shows that the rate of new positions is increasing, which indicates that the market is being actively traded and more likely to trend.

An interest rate derivative is a financial instrument with a value that is linked to the movements of an interest rate or rates.

Decreasing open interest shows that the rate of new positions is decreasing, which indicates that the market may be entering a period of less active trading and is more likely to be range-bound. Little open interest in an option or futures contract means there isn't an active market for it.


Volume also provides this information. That said, even if there is a trading interest of open interest it doesn't necessarily mean a futures or options contract will do a lot of volume on a particular day.

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Since open interest reflects open positions, those positions can remain open, with little volume, until eventually, those traders want to close their position. Key Takeaways Open interest trading interest how many contracts of a particular future or option are still open on the market. Unlike volume, which just shows total contract movement for the day, open interest can indicate what direction a contract is trending.

Trading interest decline in open interest during a trend may indicate a reversal or choppier price period.

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