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How to earn bitcoins in VK


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    Currently, the project is underway, though the final conclusion has not yet been reached. VK claims it has got more than 97 million lively monthly users. The social media giant company wants to develop its private crypto that will see all its users support and implement, according to the report by RNS — a Russian news outlet.

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    Users to Earn Bitcoin by Sharing Interesting Posts VK users will purportedly be in a position to earn digital currency via interacting and networking on the site. For example, users could get crypto from getting likes or sharing fascinating posts, as per RNS. In addition, users will use the crypto to buy and sell products to each other through the platform, and also wire funds via the use of VK Pay — a cashless money transfer structure incorporated with VK platform.

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    VK has a big influence in the country, and this means that if the company launches its how to earn bitcoins in VK crypto, there will be a significant boost in the adoption of this nascent innovative technology. Russia Still has 30 Years to Adopt Crypto Russia has not shown full support to cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin BTCthe leading cryptoasset by market capitalization. He even believes that BTC will be a native currency for the internet.

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    Facebook is also considering to integrate crypto payments across its various messaging services, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Similarly, the Russian-established Telegram messaging app also declared the same plans.