Real-Time Options Data Too Expensive? Try Filtered Options

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Reliable, real-time options data is critical for anyone looking to participate in the market for options contracts, but the combined licensing, infrastructure, and delivery costs can make live options real time options a challenge for enterprises and downright inaccessible for smaller companies.

First up… Who needs equity options data?

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Why is real-time options data so expensive? That cost is a combination of three factors: Licensing.

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The exchange license to access OPRA data can cost thousands of dollars annually. Your business needs the infrastructure to process an ever-growing amount of data.

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OPRA disseminates all US options data in a feed that contains trades, quotes, and administrative messages. The amount of data in this feed is constantly expanding — real time options your bandwidth and processing power requirements.

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This presents pretty significant technical challenges to users. What is a filtered real-time options data feed?

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Filtered options maintain the data that most users actually need — real-time trades and National Best Bid and Offer NBBO — while eliminating millions of BBO messages and other unnecessary, unactionable information.

Even as the volume of the standard OPRA feed grows, there will be little impact to your infrastructure. Why get filtered real-time options data from Intrinio?

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Intrinio now offers a filtered real-time options feed for business users.