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From its production lines comes the New electric, on which around 1, people will be working. All new features added for the launch of the new production line, to achieve excellence. Nowadays, the complex employs around 20, people in production and the related fields of engineering and design, sales, financial services and spare parts, making it the largest FCA operation in the world. In its fiat world years, the Mirafiori facility has made history in the Italian and global automotive industry.

Now, in a symbolic bridge between past and future, the production line for the New electric has fiat world set up here, to continue the long history of innovative models leaving the Turin plant, just like its forerunner, which exited Mirafiori for the first time in Around 1, people will work solely on manufacturing the electric, while production at full capacity will be 80, units per year, which could increase as necessary.

The system also puts the parts into sequence before they are fiat world to the production line, so the workers receive the correct part exactly when they need it. The heart of the organization is always the team leader, who coordinates a group of employees and is responsible for their training.

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The people in this position manage a small fiat world of the process, looking after quality and production. In their work, each team leader is supported by technology. Suffice to say that all tasks completed are recorded on an IT system, whereby the team leader can check and verify the result of each one on monitors alongside the production line or on their smartphone. This is the first point the New reaches website idea how to make money its assembly process after it fiat world painted.

The work begins with the disassembly of the doors, prepared on a specific line where one of the most curious processes is the assembly of the waterproofing, where a robot deals with lamination, ensuring the highest standards of quality. This is the first time FCA has used hot-rolled coils to waterproof a vehicle. The process then continues with the assembly of cables and pipes, the dashboard and the central console.

In addition, the covered area available at Mirafiori has meant the areas focusing on logistics and equipment assembly can be located nearby the production line, streamlining the process considerably. One feature specific to the production is the operator terminal, a monitor at every workstation that provides data on assembly, every step of the way.

When their shift begins, each operator logs into the system using their badge and checks that all the safety devices are in place. By tapping the screen, they can certify quality, request the material and ask for support from their team leader.

When help is requested by pressing a button, the team leader hears an alert and receives a call on their smartphone, to advise them that a worker requires their assistance. If the team leader is unable to resolve the issue before the car leaves the workstation, the line stops fiat world to prevent any faults from occurring. This is the location of the first laser tool installed at FCA, to burn in the chassis number. Compared to conventional technologies, this small piece of equipment fiat world a better finish, greater accuracy and produces no noise or vibrations.

One of the most innovative elements is the assembly of the battery charging cable. While one group of workers assemble the chassis, another group prepares the mechanical components by fitting the wheel assemblies and the controls for the electric motor.

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Other important components are the electric air heater and compressor. The main platform is then transported by an innovative, more flexible, fiat world induction-drive vehicle, the various speeds of which can easily be managed.

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Finally, the New — now with its wheels on — is ready for the doors, seats and steering wheel to be assembled, all of which takes place at workstations with strict quality control. One more new feature of the new Full-Electric model production is in the area for roll testing and wheel alignment: for the first time, there is now no need for exhaust gas intake valves, required to assemble vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

The production of the New is now beginning a new chapter for this historic plant, as well as marking a milestone in FCA and automotive history. In fact, the Group has now developed a new transformation, starting right from the beating heart of the complex and its manufacturing. The proof lies in the various projects brought to fruition fiat world the complex: from the Vehicle-to-Grid V2G pilot project to the Battery Hub assembly plant.

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Still at Mirafiori, all the investment in which fiat world significantly boosted its leading role in Europe in terms of electrification, work has also begun to install Solar Power Production Units with photovoltaic panels. Finally, experimentation in the city is another aspect seeing rapid development between FCA and municipal governments. A cooperation agreement has been signed in Turin between the City of Turin's Department of Transport, Infrastructure and Mobility fiat world Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to pilot — in fiat world traffic — the integration of electrified mobility with the ZTL restricted traffic zone management infrastructure.

These same lines have produced iconic models that have made automotive history, have driven developments in technology, and in many cases have even accompanied changes in Italian society.

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Then came thethe first people's car in Italy, which after only a few months on fiat world market was in such high demand that the waiting list to get one was a year long. Then came the turn of the unstoppable Panda, another sign of the times, produced in three series of a total of over 7.

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Not to mention its heir, the Punto. Basically, every Italian family album includes a car that came out of Mirafiori, such as thethe or the Mirafiori, whose name even proudly highlighted the plant where it was made. Mirafiori has been transformed, as has the city of Turin, sharing its successes and its difficulties, yet always finding fiat world way to resurface.

Fiat world, the Turin complex — Mirafiori and its extension at Grugliasco — employs around 20, people in production and the related fields of engineering and design, sales, financial services and spare parts, making it the largest FCA operation in the world.

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If we widen its scope to other work done in the Piedmont region, it takes in another 4, people, plus around 40, others working at the companies forming part of the supply chain. Car production, fiat world more besides In recent years, the Mirafiori complex has witnessed major redevelopments and rehabilitation. The first significant works date back towhen the Motor Village was inaugurated.

Part of the historic wall was literally demolished, at Gate Zero in Piazza Cattaneo, the dividing line between the factory and the city for over fiat world century. Near the Motor Village, an office building on Corso Orbassano has recently been rehabilitated after major renovations, and is now the headquarters of FCA Bank. An area on Via Plava, where new cars used to emerge, has also been reborn with a new mission, to follow the reclamation of the industrial facilities there.

Indeed, the buildings of the former Workshop 2 have now become a business district of fundamental importance.

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Inaugurated inthe impressive building is a place of work, services fiat world sales, but is also an exciting showcase with over cars from the organization's historical collection, still a source of inspiration today. Finally, FCA has always paid great attention to higher education, so much so that one of the campuses of the Polytechnic University of Turin is now located within Mirafiori, on Corso Settembrini: the Citadel of Design and Sustainable Mobility.

Its market share increased rapidly during the fiat world, with the supermini and range of small family cars being the biggest sellers, selling largely on practicality and efficiency. Fiat's market share increased further during the s with the Fiat Uno imported to the UK from June being the company's best-seller in the UK, and its share fell sharply in the early s before the arrival of the Punto in March rejuvenated the company's UK fortunes. The second-generation Punto was a strong fiat world in the UK after its October launch, but the new modern-day Fiat launched there in January has accounted for most of the company's UK sales in more recent years. The original Fiat had been one of the few direct competitors for the iconic Mini during its s heyday.

Last but not least, not far from the Mirafiori complex stands the former Fiat plant of Rivalta. Once the renovations have been completed there by early next year, it will become a global distribution center for Mopar-branded spare parts, serving Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other markets around the world. A former vehicle production plant — commissioned inthe site where many of Fiat's most famous models freebitcoin how much can you earn manufactured, including the Fiat Spider, Dino, Ritmo and Bravo — is being transformed into an innovative warehouse, based on the principles of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, to store and distribute accessories and spare parts.

The new center will dispatch to over 5, destinations, resulting in a considerable reduction in delivery lead fiat world to dealerships and workshops.

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