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Some investors and most robo-advisors use ETFs exclusively to build a balanced portfolio meant to walk the optimal line between risk and reward.

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Top-notch screeners, analyst reports, fundamental and technical data, and the ability to compare ETFs are the main components of this award. Schwab is a full-service investment firm which offers services and technology to everyone from self-directed active traders to people who want the guidance of a financial advisor. It has a wide variety of platforms from which to choose, as well as full banking capabilities.

The ETF screener is extremely customizable and your criteria combinations can be saved for future re-use.

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There are 16 predefined screens for the ETF screener which can be customized according to client best investment on the internet. Results can be turned into a watchlist, or exported. Premium third-party research is offered at a discounted price. If you trade derivatives, most of the tools are on the StreetSmart Edge platform, but equities traders best investment on the internet wind up referring to technology on the standard website.

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Schwab does not automatically sweep uninvested cash into a money market fund, and their base interest rate is extremely low. What to Consider When Choosing an Online Broker When you are choosing an online stock broker you have to think about your immediate needs as an investor.

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Are you a beginner? Maybe you need a broker that has great educational material about the stock market. Do you only have a small amount of money you can put aside to invest?

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Some online brokers allow for small minimum deposits which can be a great option for those with limited funds. Are you always on the go and in need of a robust mobile platform?

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Some online brokers have incredible mobile apps delivering nearly all the features that their desktop counterparts do. Another important thing to consider is the distinction between investing and trading.

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When people talk about investing they generally mean the purchasing of assets to be held for a long period of time. These types of investments are usually made to reach a retirement goal or to put your money into assets that may grow faster than it would in a standard savings account accruing interest.

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Trading, on the other hand, most commonly involves the buying and selling of assets in short periods. Trading is generally considered riskier than investing.

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All of these factors must be considered before choosing an online broker. Do you want to trade or invest? Do you want a great mobile app to check your portfolio wherever you are? What types of assets are you looking to invest in?

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Answering these questions is not always easy. You can check out our guide to choosing a stock broker to gain further insight so you can make a sound decision. Once you've made a decision on a broker, you can also check out our guide to opening a brokerage account.

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