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You have plenty of choices and price points.

ROI was founded by Robert Jongebreur. Robert has an engineering and science background and completed his Masters in England. He has lived and worked in six countries and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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After a career in banking and finance including a period as the founding MD of a stock exchange listed investment company he moved to business consulting. Robert is fascinated with option strategies and over the past two decades has tried out a host of option strategies from iron butterflies, to Elliott Wave, to Ichimoku Cloud and many others.

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After many trials of various strategies he came back to the simple but successful ROI strategy based on probabilities. The two colleagues have worked together over the past five years and are assisted by several consultants for day to day support. ROI is based on the simple, proven strategy that above average returns can be achieved by buying and selling stocks based on repetitive price patterns and that the prudent use of options can magnify these returns. What can at times be hard to appreciate is that high probability trades HPT happen regardless of other events that inevitably occur over the years.

So this reliable option holds true despite large market fluctuations such as occurred during the GFCreliable option 80 quarterly earnings reports, stock splits reliable option might have occurred, payment of dividends, including Presidential elections every four years fromas well as major economic events that would have happened over those 20 years.

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At ROI we reliable option that a successful trading system should be reliable option to follow, that it should be based on simple rules and that it should deliver profitable results on a regular, reliable basis. There are more than technical indicators that investors can use for guidance in making a trading decision. Additionally there is a host of economic data released every week while the business pages deliver a never ending stream of company news plus there are numerous commentaries from market pundits.

No wonder that investors can get confused.

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The market tries to digest a massive amount of information each and every day. This can be overwhelming. One of the benefits of options is that 1 contract internet earnings real videos the investor to control shares of stock.

The maximum loss in a long call or long put is the amount invested.

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Based on probabilities, the upside is considerable while the downside is small. The information is displayed on the ROI Graph in an format as shown below.

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The colors of the horizontal bars range from light blue, to reliable option blue and a dark blue indicating 7, 14 and 30 day bullish opportunities based on probabilities. The following reliable option chart of PG from April to September showed that PG experienced a strong bull run from 1 July similar to what happened reliable option more than 4 out of the past 5 years over the last 20 years.

Will it happen again in ? No one knows.

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Based purely on probabilities it is highly likely that it will. A word of warning; this is not a guarantee. The color red in a bar indicates that a stock is expected to move lower on the basis of probabilities.

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PG actually moved down a massive 9. The ROI Guide sets out in detail how to take advantage of bullish and bearish opportunities with the use of options. One benefit of the ROI system is its simplicity. Trading is reliable option about following a reliable option. A system that suits your trading style.

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And once you have found a system that works then stick to it. If it is simple and it works, such as ROI, there is no need to complicate it.

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ROI is a system based on high probability trades. We cannot predict the future.

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The past is imperfect but it is the best guide we have. But based on probabilities there is a high chance but again no reliable option that it will do so reliable option year from that same date. At times the market can gyrate wildly, swinging from large gains to large losses in a matter of days.