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Main advantage 9 - The system can be fully assembled just for your needs. Unique opportunities for technical analysis.

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Extensive implementation of technical analysis on the platform will surprise even the most experienced brokers. For the satisfaction of the needs of each trader, there are 38 indicators. All of them are well grouped and can be personalized.

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And to whom this is not enough - the function of manual addition of indicators is offered. There are 29 different elements for drawing, among which are all the known lines, channels, icons and others, which greatly expand the possibilities of technical analysis.

What to Look for in a Great Binary Options Platform

In addition to everything else, the terminal allows you to switch the graphic styles, change the color scheme, and also monitor several charts in one window at the same time, placing them in a favorable sequence.

Also, the FXGO product suite includes a built-in accounting system.

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Key features of the accounting system: Trader Portal - View account history. Ability to upload user files documents to the server to provide them to the White Label manager.

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Manager Portal In binary options exchange terminal admin mode - management of managers, products, White Label and file downloads available for traders; - All functionality of the manager for all White Label also in all catalogs available filter on the White Label.

In the manager mode - View downloads of files for traders which are implemented by the portal administrator. Each manager is provided with a White Label, which filters data available to the manager, i.

The binary reputation has suffered from dishonest marketing and cybercrime. Simple Scans usually work very trading terminal for crypto coin exchanges Singapore well Complex scans american binary option India can also be helpful. Pros — No deposit restriction — Very user friendly — Huge array of fiat and cryptocurrencies to trade with — Personal account manager — Established name Cons — It is not possible to trade crypto-to-crypto directly Coinbase One of the largest and most popular US bitcoin trading sites, Coinbase has intuitive interface and huge user base to trade with. No Compromise.

Huge importance is given to data protection. For example, "unloading" the client base from CRM by a person without access rights is completely impossible.

What is a demo account?

In addition, FXGO has a built-in structure for tracking all trader's data deposits, withdrawals, money orders, etc. A multi-level system is designed to form the backbone of traders with maximum performance.

Before you begin investing in binary options with real money, a smart way to test your strategies is through a virtual account. A virtual account works the same way as a real account without real money.

The above set of services allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of the work of staff by preserving the history of actions. Thus, the activity of each manager becomes absolutely transparent, and individual indicators of employees can be tracked, from the made calls and ending with conversion statistics.

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With the help of the FXGO accounting system, binary options exchange terminal can collect a customer base and attach sales agents to them. The main actions traders trading videos employees after the registration of the client are standard and not too numerous - these are deposits, requests for withdrawal of funds and various technical issues.

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The entire history of customer actions is automatically registered within the personal cabinet; thus, it is not difficult to track it. If the task performed by the client requires the attention of the employee, he receives a notice The FXGO system is unique in its kind.

The broker no longer needs multiple terminals of different purposes, only one system is enough - all in one!

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